"Won't You Be My Neighbor?" Has Perfect Message for Extremely Divisive Times

I often tell anybody who will listen that no matter what a stranger says to you on the street, nine times out of ten that person is just asking you for your money. It doesn't matter what they open with; in the end, they just want free money.

Now consider what an overwhelming majority of our mail (both electronic and physical) is- people asking us to buy something. With snail mail, it's all bills! Everyday when I login to my inboxes, I find that 95% of it is "news releases," or "story pitches" that don't really amount to anything except "publicize our product, and get nothing in return."

In other words, a disturbingly high percentage of our daily interaction with other human beings, across the spectrum of communication means, is "gimme, gimme, gimme" or "take, take, take." So who is actually about giving? Well, Fred Rogers certainly was when he was alive.