Scott Pruitt is a Total Disaster; His Exit Could Revitalize Green Movement

“Well, it’s not like it could save the Earth or anything…”

…Actually, it might. Scott Pruitt, the current head of the Environmental Protection Agency, will most likely become the next member of Trump’s cabinet to lose his job. It’s a cabinet in chaos, embroiled in scandal, with Pruitt’s performance just as chaotic and scandalous any any Trump appointee.

There are multiple reports indicating that Scott Pruitt and his allies are rallying to try and save his job because they all know that his time is running out. The only EPA Administrator who could honestly be worse than Pruitt was Russ Cargill, The Simpsons movie villain, and he’s not even real.

For more on Pruitt’s egregious malfeasance, watch this edition of “A Closer Look” from Late Night with Seth Meyers. The Scott Pruitt portion begins around the 6:10 mark.

Yes, Pruitt is misappropriating taxpayer funds to engage in graft; all the while making sure he lives as lavishly as possible. There is a grassroots movement to try and derail his gravy train though. Climate and economic justice organization Green For All issued a statement last week to launch Boot Pruitt: a coordinated effort to force the dirty dealing and unethical Pruitt from his current role.

“When Trump wanted to slash EPA funding by 31 percent last year, Green For All launched the Moms Mobilize campaign to say ‘not on our watch.’

Now that we’ve secured funding for EPA in the 2018 budget, we’re going to fight hard to ensure it goes toward the things it is supposed to: cleaning up pollution and protecting public health. This won’t be possible with Pruitt in charge,” said Michelle Romero, deputy director of Green For All, a climate justice initiative of the Dream Corps.

“Pruitt’s job is literally to protect the environment and he’s failing at that miserably. He’s spending all this money on luxury travel, on secret phone booths and a number of other things that are the antithesis of making sure he’s focusing on what his job needs to be, which is protecting the people of the United States,” said Vien Truong, CEO of the Dream Corps, a social justice accelerator founded by Van Jones.

this one broke my all time retweets record

this one broke my all time retweets record

If and when Scott Pruitt gets booted, will this revitalize the green movement? Right now, the efforts to combat catastrophic climate change are nowhere near top of mind.

Like so many other important issues today, the effort to go green and fight global warming is buried far beneath whatever topic Trump is ranting about on Twitter. The media, a for-profit enterprise, then goes wall to wall on ever single Trump tweet because it’s a story that costs nothing to produce.

In the late 2000s and early 2010s, environmentalism was indeed a thing. We didn’t have just Earth Day, but also Earth Hour attracting lots and lots of headlines. Well, maybe the Tammany Hall style ethics of Scott Pruitt, and his inevitable ouster is just what the doctor ordered to get the green movement back on center of the homepage.

NBC Universal used to spend this entire month with a green version of their corporate logo in the corner of the screen, visible at all times on all network programming. Now NBC is about Trump, Trump and just in case you haven’t had enough yet, more Trump.

warm, sweat, hot up in this joint. Vokal tank top on at this point

warm, sweat, hot up in this joint. Vokal tank top on at this point

It’s 18 days until Earth Day, and with the backlash against Scott Pruitt, a chance for climate change/global warming to be the center of our news orbit again. Let’s not let it get sucked into Trump’s gravitational pull.
I mean it’s like it would be the end of the world or anything.

 To join the campaign to Boot Pruitt visit Green for All online, and/or and follow them on Twitter at @GreenForAll.

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