Inevitable Robert Mueller Clash Only Current Compelling Trump Storyline

Inevitable Robert Mueller Clash Only Current Compelling Trump Storyline

Unless it involves a new, big breaking news bombshell in the Robert Mueller investigation, I’m tired of any news relating to Donald Trump. I’m more tired than Prince Valium in Spaceballs.

I have Trump, especially Trump Twitter fatigue. I’m more fatigued than an obese man trying to run a half-marathon. We are headed to an inevitable showdown between Trump and Robert Mueller, and until we get there, we’re all trapped in a vicious cycle constructed by an astounding confluence of factors:

-an individual who is as desperate for attention and narcissistic as possible, in arguably the world’s most powerful individual position

-living in a time when mass communication is as cheap, easy and lazy as possible

-during an era when the news industry values profits uber alles, and thus incessantly focuses on the cheapest and most click-bait style “news stories” to produce

trump twitter

We’re all just so sick of turning on the news and seeing a Trump tweet, and then watching a bunch of talking heads do something that almost all of us could do just as well as they do- analyze that tweet.

Everyday it’s the same thing- Trump tweets and/or says something insane, and then the entire news industry obsesses about it all day, because it’s a helluva lot easier and cheaper than doing actual journalism.

Jose Diaz-Balart, the Saturday Anchor for NBC Nightly News said it best yesterday on Meet the Press:

“I think we’re living in a different space time continuum in the United States. We’re living in what Catalan writer Enric Juliana Ricart called the ’emotional spasms of Twitter,’ and every emotional spasm that comes out is something the world reacts to, and yet are we living in a different time and space because of Twitter.”

Will our institutions survive the emotional spasms of Twitter?”

Even The Daily Show has now lost a lot of velocity on their fastball as they lead with Trump every single night.

Trevor Noah, dude, and I say this as a big fan, it’s time to develop another move!

donald trump stormy daniels

Trump may be somewhat entertaining (or at least he initially was) because he makes fun of everybody, but his extreme neuroses and egregious eccentricities get old after awhile.

Eminem (Slim Shady) had a nice career of making every single track on his rap albums a diss track, but after five or six albums, it was like c’mon man, you’re just rehashing the same bit every year or two.

Trump is not a politician or a leader or a business man, he’s a reality tv star. As any reality tv fan will tell you, this medium is a guilty pleasure, filled with empty calories.

It’s way too shallow and superficial to provide a steady diet of actual substance.

Almost every Trump story, except for the Russian collusion investigation, is less than compelling. Even Stormy Daniels, who we hear about incessantly night and day, is lacking relevance, unless we know for sure that an actual federal crime was committed.

stormy daniels

There’s only one angle to the Stormy Daniels story that’s relevant to America at large- did the Trump campaign commit a crime? by either the alleged physical threat or illegal campaign financing, and can that crime result in a regime change? The rest is all just National Enquirer level dreck.

Another shake-up in the White House staff? More cabinet member musical chairs, and communications professionals whose tenure on the job was shorter than a Phish song?

Yawn. Been there done that.

The Mueller investigation is certainly a detailed and methodical one, and thus moves slowly. It could be awhile until Robert Mueller brings forth an action that means closure in this situation.

A Mueller-Trump stand-off is coming, and it will be epic when it gets here. No one really knows when that will be, and anyone who goes on CNN or MSNBC or whatever, who tells you that they do, is full of it.

robert mueller

And at this point, anything else we’ve been hearing about is just insolent noise.

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