Winter Olympics Verify Mike Pence Hypocrisy on NFL National Anthem Protests

Winter Olympics Verify Mike Pence Hypocrisy on NFL National Anthem Protests

Vice President Mike Pence regarding NFL players kneeling for the Star-Spangled Banner this past NFL season:

“I don’t think it’s too much to ask NFL players to respect the Flag and our National Anthem.”

This is also Mike Pence: a man who refused to stand for the host country as they entered the 2018 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremonies.

The message sent by the actions of Mike Pence during his blatant publicity stunt at an October Indianapolis Colts game versus the San Francisco 49ers: “I’m leaving in disgust!” “Keep politics out of sports!”

The former Indiana governor then commenced a twitter storm which consisted of obviously pre-planned statements and talking points.

mike pence

The message sent by the actions of Mike Pence in Pyeongchang tonight: “I’m going to use the beginning of the world’s biggest sporting event to convey my political stances and try to advance my political agenda.” 

The Vice President and his wife were the ONLY people not standing in the dignitaries box tonight as a Unified Korea entered the stadium. Yes, it was THE most important, meaningful and poignant moment of the entire Opening Ceremonies, when North Korean athletes and South Korean athletes entered together under one united Korean flag, and Pence remained sitting. 

In fact he didn’t rise for any country other than the United States. Now only time will tell if the unified Korea gesture leads to any substantial breakthrough or not, but for now, everyone was moved by what they saw. It may end up just being PR, but for now, it’s something people all over the world showed admiration for. It’s too bad Pence could not. 

There’s nothing like sports to expose the hypocrisy of a career politician.

If one won’t stand for peace and unity, then what will they stand for? Maybe chaos and division is what the Trump/Pence Administration is all about. That is the core of reality television, and Trump certainly wants to run his Presidency like it’s a reality series.

Additionally, the VP refused to shake the hand of Kim Jong-Un’s sister, Kim Yong Ham. This is extremely significant because she is the first member of North Korea’s ruling family to visit south of the 38th parallel since 1953; when the Korean War ended in a stalemate. Even South Korean President Moon Jae-in greeted her, and he leads a country that lives in existential terror of her brother. 

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Of course, we really shouldn’t be surprised in how much Mike Pence let us all down tonight. Hypocrisy and inconsistency has been his specialty. He supports President Trump’s military parade idea, but is against the same exact practice in North Korea.

When he made his political statement on #TakeAKneeNFL, he was actually had a fundraiser to attend in California that night, and he tweeted a photo of himself from a Colts game from three years ago.

If this shocks you, then I’m actually quite surprised you’re even reading this, because our readers are way too intelligent to fall prey to obvious hucksterism such as this.

For what it’s worth though, Mike Pence know what it’s like to get walked out on. It happened when he gave the University commencement address this past spring at the University of Notre Dame…in his own state!

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