Tomi Lahren and Seven Other Real Life Troll Bots

Tomi Lahren and Seven Other Real Life Troll Bots

One of the leading models of sex robots looks a lot like Tomi Lahren, a Twitter user once joked to me. It’s not just her looks that resemble a bot, so does the worthless tripe she spews on a daily basis.

Lahren, like a few other “sociopolitical commentators” out there today, and so many before her, does the same exact work as thousands of Russian troll bots every time she speaks in public.

The Russians knew exactly how to further drive wedges between us in this country, because we have had our very own popular/polarizing media figures showing them the way for many years already. Friday brought a bombshell revelation in the Robert Mueller investigation into Russian election meddling and potential collusion with the Trump campaign.

robert mueller

Mueller indicted 13 Russian nationals for election tampering, and in the process we learned that a giant troll farm in St. Petersburg, Russia, with a very misleading and nondescript name, Internet Research Agency, was trying to sabotage Hillary Clinton any way that they could. In the process, they were trying to be as divisive as possible, because they want all of us at each other’s throats.

They also paid Americans to take the trolling offline, and spread the messages of hate and provoking for the sake of no cause other than to just be provocative.

Just like all the television talking heads listed in this post. Which makes us re-examine the people we interact with online. This website has only been active since late August, but it has inspired hundreds of hateful, aggressive, threatening and insulting Facebook comments already.

Perhaps this post will only pile on that heap of ugliness.

When these comments arrive, will it be actual people saying what they really believe? Or just avatars trying to be as offensive as possible?

robert mueller

At this point, does it matter?

Unless it’s an actual legitimate, credible threat, one that you should report to law enforcement and let them handle, who cares what some “person” you don’t know and you can’t identify says about you on the internet?

Now with the revelations from the Mueller findings, general trolling seems even stupider today (if that were possible) than it was last Thursday.

I learned something the first time I experienced Twitter going off every 10-15 minutes with a new notification from someone telling me how much I suck at writing and/or life for 2-3 days straight…you get used to it; sort of like how you get used to the worthless words these attention whoring hate mongers spew with regularity. 

tomi lahren

Tomi Lahren

The “winner” of a recent Twitter poll I held to see who my followers found to be the most deplorable human being, Tomi Lahren is an entitled little millennial who’s failed upward into relevance. She has no actual work experience or educational expertise on most of the serious and important social issues she consistently opines on.

It’s been leaked by some who worked very closely with her that she has no actual beliefs, and that seems in accordance with some of the missteps she’s made during public appearances.

Also, her “views” and “stances” are often so repugnant that it truly is hard to believe that anybody would actually hold such beliefs. “Black Lives Matter = the Ku Klux Klan” C’mon that must be a bit, right?

She rode the bashing Colin Kaepernick/#TakeAKneeNFL bandwagon into relevance, and then kept harping on it long after most people had checked out. That’s a signal Lahren likely only believes in one cause- garnering more publicity for herself.


Clay Travis

He’s been described as “Wal-Mart Skip Bayless” or “what would happen if you cross-bred Spuds MacKenzie with an All Lives Matter” poster. Both are true, but they don’t tell the whole story. Travis isn’t just a 40 something frat bro who went on Brooke Baldwin’s show on CNN and said “what I believe in is boobs.”

He’s a post graduate level educated author who used to pen very clever and quite informative books. He was a legitimate sportswriter at one time, but he sold it all out to become a far right dog whistler to white supremacists. And he’s got a wonder twin in…

Britt McHenry

…it was Deadspin who described McHenry and Travis as “the dog whistling wonder twins”. I hesitated to include McHenry on this list, because her Tomi Lahren Lite persona, which has developed as she’s “pivoted” from sports to politics, might not be far off from who she really is.

Her infamous viral video where she went on full on “Mean Girls,” bashing a towing employee on every dimension there is in life, is exactly who McHenry is. It’s McHenry at her angriest moment, and thus exaggerated, but what she said there is reflective of her own narcissism and entitled privilege. She kind of stole Lahren’s “hey, there’s a market for physically attractive white girls implying they really don’t like black people without explicitly saying they don’t like black people” bit.

britt mchenry

Alex Jones

This guy is just a simple snake oil salesman. His show is nothing but propaganda and conspiracy theories designed to incite fear, and then he hocks products that relate to whatever topic he’s trying to scare people about. During his child custody case, his lawyer claimed that Jones was “a performance artist” on air, and that he’s just playing a character. 

Rush Limbaugh

We’re now into the “Real Life Russian Troll Bots Classic” section of the post. Limbaugh is probably the original, and worst. He told his listeners not to evacuate during the Florida hurricanes, because it was all a global warming hoax perpetrated by the liberal media. Later he himself evacuated. I forgot he was alive until FOX News Channel had him on to “analyze” the gun control debate.

alex jones

Ann Coulter/Laura Ingraham (Because these two people are almost indistinguishable)

All the people on this list have one thing in common- it’s very easy to forget who they are. They have to keep outdoing themselves, and one another when it comes to being offensive. Otherwise we all just move on to the next deplorable. I forgot Ingraham even existed until she made the racist “shut up and play,” and “he isn’t allowed to have a political opinion” comments about Lebron James last week.

Dinesh D’Souza

It’s one thing to make offensive remarks if you truly believe what you say, and your amoral to the rest of the world views is genuinely who you are. However, if it’s contrived for effect, then you are indeed an ever lower form of life. D’Souza is a narcissistic, adulterous, disgraced academic and convicted felon.

If you haven’t D’heard of this guy or d’forgot about D’Souza, he reminded everyone what he is when he mocked the high school students who lost friends and survived the horrific Stoneman Douglas school shooting in Parkland, Florida. D’Souza expressed his schadenfreude over the Florida House of Representatives striking down a debate to potentially ban assault weapons, with Parkland survivors in attendance.

D’Souza has also “treated us” to a substantial amount of pro-Confederacy tweets after Charlottesville.

the south

Thus, proving you don’t have to be white to be a white supremacist.

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