Sick of Gun Violence? Throw the NRA Puppets Out of Office, Here's How

Sick of Gun Violence? Throw the NRA Puppets Out of Office, Here's How

The Congressional approach to gun control mirrors the parenting method of Ned Flanders’ beatnik mother:

“we tried nothing, and we’re all out of ideas.”

Of course, it’s nothing by design because so many of our most powerful leaders in Washington are beholden to the National Rifle Association, from whom they receive much of their campaign funding. In fact, the NRA donated $5.8 million to Republican candidates, and just $100,000 to Democrats. Right now, in the wake of the tragedy in Parkland, Florida which took 17 lives, it’s time to both think about how to change the status quo, and take action to help make it happen. 

This mass shooting feels different than all the previous senseless disasters. This time, it feels like the enthusiasm gap between the NRA agenda and the rest of us who believe in common sense gun regulation is finally closing.

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We know you’re angry, depressed, anxious and potentially feeling hopeless about the idea of our dire circumstances ever changing. Don’t lose hope, and instead channel that anger into taking action. Get involved, volunteer and most importantly vote: help support candidates who are sponsor common sense gun laws.

This November, vote out the NRA shills currently in power. Here’s a link from Politico that lists who has received what from the all too powerful gun lobby, an entity that is wreaking domestic terror upon America.

Notice how the biggest recipients are the exact same people who always say “it’s too early/not the time to talk about gun reform?”

It’s the same group that always does nothing except tweet “thoughts and prayers to…”

#ThrowThemOut is not an idea originating from “the left” or some “liberal extremist.” It comes from former Republican congressman David Jolly (watch his appearance on CNN last night). As Jolly points out, the law enforcement community is overwhelmingly calling for common sense gun legislation.

He also points out that the law enforcement community is overwhelmingly a conservative, pro second amendment crowd.

universal back ground checks

Lucy McBath is a Spokesmom for Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America and the Faith Outreach Leader of Everytown for Gun Safety. Moms Demand was started by noted leading gun sense activist Shannon Watts as a Facebook page five years ago.

Today, they boast 70,000 boots on the ground volunteers, and when combined with Everytown comprise the biggest and most powerful gun reform activist group; which is four million strong. They have a chapter in every state.

“We’re proving it’s no longer a political third rail. It’s a winning issue,” McBath said during her speech at the Mom’s Demand fifth anniversary event. 

“Last November we had a clean sweep on election day. We endorsed candidates in eight races and won all eight races. Nine Moms Demand Action volunteers and survivors ran for office and they won.” 

McBath is a Joliet native who now lives in Atlanta, Georgia, a state with some of the most lax gun laws in the entire country. She lost her son, Jourdan Davis, to gunplay in Florida five years ago.

Jourdan would have turned 23 years old today.

You can listen to McBath’s full speech at the Mom’s Demand event above, and upon doing so, realize that the enthusiasm gap in the gun control debate is now closed. The NRA is now scared, and they should be. McBath also appeared as a guest on MSNBC’s “The Last Word with Laurence O’Donnell on Wednesday night.

The next battle against the frightening NRA agenda will be to #StopCCR.

Sign this postcard, urging your senators to OPPOSE the Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017 (S.446) and to not gut our gun laws. 

The “Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017” is waiting for a vote on the Senate floor, and because of people who want common sense gun regulation, senators are already committing to vote NO on this dangerous bill. NRA leadership knows that their time is running out to pass this bill.

They also know that with YOUR help, we’ve loosened their chokehold on state legislatures in all 50 states, helped to enact gun safety laws, and defeated their deadly proposals that would gut our existing common sense laws.

Protecting the American citizenry from more senseless gun violence, and the NRA agenda is an issue that unites us all, regardless of race, gender, religion, age and all other dimensions that are commonly used to foster division.

lucy mcbath

Or as McBath said to close her speech, quoting President Barack Obama: “we were all brought here on different ships, but we’re all in the same boat now.”

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