20 Best Protest March Signs of 2017 (Gallery) 

Clever and strong protest march signs are often the greatest component of any public demonstration. When you look at all the thought and effort that go into some of these signs, you get a perfect gauge of just how strongly an individual feels on the issue at hand. You need both the right message and the correct presentation, and we saw so many great ones throughout the course of 2017 that it was almost impossible to limit this list to just 20.

So in order to do justice, we also provided links to separate posts where you can look at more protest march signs from each rally, including:

Women’s March 

The year in clever protest march signs began with an unseasonably warm day for the January Women’s March. It shattered attendance records and set the tone for 2017. This was to be the year where the #MeToo movement took center stage

March for Science 

A women’s march sign inspired me to get involved in science march (you’ll see it in the gallery) and also shattered my own personal record for retweets and favorites (which was later broken). This specific event had the funniest, most well executed and smartest protest march signs of all.

Tax March 

Another gorgeous day with solid turnout- even the weather was on the rise of #TheResistance in 2017

Rumps Against Trump (Trump Tower Mooning) 

My personal record for retweets and favorites was absolutely obliterated again; on a video from this event which got picked up by television stations all over the world. Both official Trump accounts are tagged in this tweet (again you can see it in the gallery), so you know he saw it. After all it showed up in his Twitter mentions about 7,000 times.

March for Truth 

Still waiting on #MuellerTime to bring us the truth, and we may have to wait until 2019 for it.

March for Solidarity Against White Supremacy

It is extremely unfortunate and very depressing that we have to hold a rally such as this, but that was life in 2017. Hopefully, all of the activism helps put an end to sinister ideas that we once thought were long dead.

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