No Matter How the Roy Moore Scandal Ends, Damage Has Already Been Done

No Matter How the Roy Moore Scandal Ends, Damage Has Already Been Done

Regardless of what ultimately happens to Judge Roy Moore in his bid for the U.S. Senate, the damage has already been done. As Republican Senator Lindsey Graham put it today, there are no good outcomes for Moore, and what we’ve already seen, in reaction to what he’s been accused of, now by five different women, is frightening and alarming.

Hopefully, he comes to his senses, if he indeed still maintains any shred of good sense, and steps down from the Alabama Senate race. The best thing we can hope for right now is the adults in the national Grand Old Party room force him out.

There are no adults in the Alabama GOP room that much we know. It’s very unlikely we see Roy Moore drop out, as he’s actually been fund-raising off the Washington Post story, an article with 30 sources, which details the accusations of child sexual assault against him.

The second best scenario would be to see Moore lose the special election for the seat vacated by now U.S. Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III on December 12, and lose it badly. This would at least give the people in Alabama who support Moore a chance to finally wake up and do the right thing.

Right now, the latest polls have Roy Moore and Democratic candidate Doug Jones neck and neck, even after the accusations of pedophilia and child sex assault have come out. Alabamians currently look equally deplorable, if not more so than those in Penn State University community who failed to stop a child-rapist in Jerry Sandusky and the power structure which looked the other way (Joe Paterno) for decades.

The third, and worst of the three main hypotheticals, revolves around Moore winning and then the Republicans stop him from ever assuming power. National Republican Senate Committee Chair Cory Gardner is starting to put the wheels in motion on this, saying of Roy Moore: “If he refuses to withdraw and wins, the Senate should vote to expel him.”

Over 20 Republicans and counting have either withdrawn support for Moore and/or called on him to step down. This includes Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. As usual, House Speaker Paul Ryan has yet to stand up and make a definitive statement in the wake of obvious moral depravity within his own party.

paul ryan

No matter how this ends, the damage has already been done. We’ve already seen numerous people who hold public office say, without exaggeration, they would support a child molester over a Democrat. We’ve seen just how far certain people will go in order to remain loyal to anyone, even if they’re clearly a monster, with the R next to their name, instead of siding with a person with a D next to their name.

There have been so many disgusting and idiotic responses to the Roy Moore situation that we simply don’t have time to get into all of them right now. The issues at work here go well beyond the scope of just the national political arena. It’s about simple right and wrong, fact versus fiction, truth versus never being able to change, or even reconsider your world view.

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We’ve seen that this is a country filled with people who once they have cloaked themselves in fundamentalist Christian extremism, nothing else matters.

50 pastors have signed a letter supporting Roy Moore. The Evangelical voting block, already well exposed for the hypocrites that they truly are in electing Donald Trump, will side with anyone, including a child molester, if it means they might be able to try and move closer towards control of the Supreme Court, and thus attempts to overturn Roe v. Wade and restrict homosexual rights.

To them, nothing else matters, it’s why 81% of white Evangelicals voted for Trump, a casino owner on his third wife who admitted he wanted to abort one of his own daughters and was caught on video tape bragging about his ability to repeatedly commit sexual assault.

It’s also a nation in which once an individual cloaks his or herself in white supremacy, nothing else matters. 67% of Evangelicals of color voted for Hillary Clinton, and every single time we wonder why voters in southern states won’t vote democratic, in spite of how monstrous the GOP candidate is, it always comes back to the same script.

The party which ended segregation in the south and made Civil Rights the law of land will just never be even remotely considered an option by many Southerners- even though 1964 was 53 years ago.

What’s probably the most frightening aspect of Roy Moore is the simple fact that he’s even made it this far, in 2017. Before it became public knowledge that he’s almost certainly a child molester, we already knew that he was a noted bigot with zero tolerance for Muslims and homosexuals.


He’s a gun-toting theocrat with overt designs on eradicating separation of church and state. So much so that he was already thrown off the Alabama Supreme Court not once, but twice!

Yet he still won the GOP primary!

We knew one year ago that the election of Donald Trump would open the door for even more extremist, egregiously awful candidates to make a play for national office. Roy Moore is that candidate.

November 8, 2016  conveyed a horrifying message to our children- acumen, experience, qualification, even a basic sense of taking accountability for one’s actions no longer mattered.

If Moore wins and then assumes office, this dark, depressing message only becomes further amplified.

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