The Daily Show Trump Presidential Twitter Library Opens in Chicago (Photo Tour)

While The Daily Show has now wrapped in Chicago, you still have a chance to catch the comedy program’s Donald J. Trump Twitter Presidential Library.

It’s hilarious, interactive and thought-provoking, so you don’t want to miss it this weekend.

The satirical library, which both lampoons Presidential libraries while poking fun at the president’s strong distaste for reading, will occupy the Burlington Room in Union Station (225 S. Canal) and be free of charge to all. It’s a pretty extensive and impressive collection.

You’ll see a collection of Trump’s most memorable, offensive, unintentionally funny and downright egregious Twitter postings, encompassed within the theme of a U.S. Presidential library. It can be accessed through the Great Hall (right next to the steps from the famous baby carriage scene in the 1988 film about Al Capone, The Untouchables) and its hours are as follows:

10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday, Oct. 20 through Sunday, Oct. 22.

We attended the media preview on Thursday, and found it to be exactly what a museum commemorating a Trump presidency would be. It was hilarious, scary and “SAD!” all at the same time.

It’s well known that Trump has a very short attention span, and hardly any intellectual inclinations, and thus reading anything at serious length is simply not an endeavor he’ll engage in.

140 characters or less is about as much reading as he can handle, so while a typical President would get a genuine library (evoking books), Trump gets a Presidential Twitter library, which is perfectly commensurate with his abilities and interests. The Presidential Twitter Library was first on display in New York City this past summer, where it was excessively popular.

Here’s a list and description of some of the exhibits you’ll see in the Trump Presidential Twitter Library:

-Rotating replica of his small, orange hands holding a phone and Tweeting (view that over at this link)

-Timeline covering Trump’s first ever tweet, his very first use of “SAD,” and “the feudal period” (get it?) from 2014-15

-Special sections, devoted to reoccurring themes in the President’s feed:

a display of 18 tweets that launched his racist birtherism movement against President Barack Obama, “Trump vs. Trump,” a section spotlighting the many times Trump has contradicted himself on issues, “Holiday Cheer” to “all the haters and losers” and “my enemies, of which there are many,” and of course “The Deepest Thoughts.”

-Golden toilet in a mock Oval Office where the visitor watches a situational video and then generates a Presidential Twitter posting (red hat and wig available for Trumpian photo-opp too)

We had an exclusive with Daily Show correspondent Desi Lydic, on hand for the press preview, and we asked the comedian what her favorite part of the Presidential Twitter Library is.

“I myself am a toilet Tweeter, so I definitely relate to sitting on the golden throne and tweeting,” she responded.

“Anything that’s interactive is very entertaining to me. You can sit on the golden throne and Tweet as Trump.”

-Most notorious, infamous and publicized tweets, framed in gold, under museum lighting, accompanied by an explanatory wall card written in the style of an art museum. The “greatest hits” including “Covfefe” and his complaints about “Blackish” are here!

-The president’s Twitter feed updating in real time, testimonials of people he’s repeatedly attacked and feuded with, and a mock memorial, emulating an honorific to the tweets “deleted but not forgotten.”

-Perhaps the piece de resistance is the actual cake from the Trump inauguration, and it is in fact a fake cake, because of course

For more on The Daily Show tapings go here. For more on the Chicago experience go here.  

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