Spending some time with Donna to beat Childhood Cancer

Today is Donna Day, a celebration of a little girl who’s all-too-brief life has transcended a memory and become something more touching and powerful to all who know her story. Donna’s mom, and the story she tells, teach the simple, lovely, and amazing mantra, “Choose hope.” For me personally, it’s something that has helped me grow and become slightly more human, slightly less cynical, and more engaged in living a whole life.

There is tremendous substance in Donna’s story; the omnipresent specter of cancer, Donna’s daily fight against it, the end of the fight, and what I considerĀ Donna’s mom’s triumph over the entire ordeal to remain a good and decent person and become a beacon of hope to internet trolls such as myself. Please read it, and either donate to or get involved with the Donna’s Good Things St. Baldrick’s Fundraiser for Childhood Cancer Research.

Simply put, childhood cancer sucks. We can help stop it. Watch this video or perish in the fires of oblivion. And then donate to the Fundraiser if you’ve made it this far and haven’t yet.


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  • Great post! I hadn't read your blog until today. I'm glad I found you!

  • In reply to kantal113:

    Thanks! I hope you keep reading. And I hope Donna Day keeps getting bigger and bigger.

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