Nancy Curran, Advocate mother of a charming, delightful 9 year old diverse learner, aka, special needs student.

Masters degree in Business, Honorary Ph.D (self awarded) in the bewildering navigation of Chicago Public Schools, Hospitals, Rehab Centers, Playdates, Park Districts, Parties, Vacations, Tantrums, Therapists, Well Meaning Strangers who feel compelled to offer me non solicited advice on the street which I gracefully accept then look away and eye roll.

In my spare time, you can find me in the boys department at Nordstroms (they allow me to buy two different sized shoes as my son wears a brace and so I try to buy everything else from them too),  at a playground with rubber flooring, or at any french bistro that offers a perfectly grilled steak frites, a nice bordeaux,  and a children's menu. Is that too much to ask?