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Newly pregnant and dumped...by my stylist

Newly pregnant and dumped...by my stylist
I’ve been dumped. Yes, I will admit, I have been avoiding speaking of this subject and curse myself for being so naive, for ignoring the signs…But disheveled and 5 months pregnant, I sit and stare out the window today wondering, “Why?” My husband came home that sunny spring afternoon just 5 short months ago and... Read more »

Going Solo: Road Trips Suitable for Time Alone

I’m sick of being connected. Between emails, text messages, Facebook, Twitter, and Google +, I need a little peace and quiet from the constant conversation of the world. I have been trying to turn off my phone and log off of my social networks periodically throughout the day. After all, no one will die if... Read more »

First-time Camping With the Family: A Summer Vacation I Will Never Forget

Oh my, was I excited to go on my first camping trip with my family! And sure, it might seem crazy to take a 3-year-old, 5-year-old, a 6-month-old puppy, a pregnant woman and one sane man camping, but I had a great attitude. I was prepared for sun, bugs, campfires, and insatiable pregnant cravings. I... Read more »

Stains on my mattress (Spare me the judgment...)

Here we are tan and perfectly put together!
I completely admit this headline is gross, but our blog is all about the reality of life. And sometimes, there are stains on life and on your mattress. I like to take showers at night and when you go to bed with wet hair, it is possible to get a yellowish ring on your pillow.... Read more »