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The Perfect Valentine Dinner Destination (Or any meal for that matter!)

I worked at a tanning salon in a video store. What?
If there is one thing I love and can’t seem to get enough of is being doted upon. When we first started dating, my husband did swoon about and pamper me like a seasoned professional. Then again, we were in college where our biggest concern was getting to class on time and meeting for lunch... Read more »

A big thank you from the 'Burbs

This morning I checked ChicagoNow.com for my scheduled blog post and my eyes caught an earlier submission entitled, “Suburban People are Assholes“, from one of my favorite bloggers, The Masked Server. Intrigued at the title (and a teensy bit annoyed), I clicked through to read the rest of the post.  In short, the post did... Read more »