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Pi Day: 3 Ways to Celebrate 3.14

Pi Day: 3 Ways to Celebrate 3.14
March 14 (3.14) is Pi Day! My middle son’s fascination with pi started in third grade. A quick springtime conversation at recess with one of his friends, and my son conceived his first own personal goal: to memorize the first 25 post-decimal digits of pi by the end of the school year. I’m really not... Read more »

Heartwarming Story Alert: Awesome Kids, Awesome Teachers

Heartwarming Story Alert: Awesome Kids, Awesome Teachers
I love being inspired by others and find people who work with children and teens to be on my list of people I most admire. Some teachers really changed my life and the memory of what they taught me still sticks in my mind to this day. I have known Michelle Darcy for several years... Read more »

Merrily Singing My Way To The Voting Booth -- Won't You Join Me?

First day of Kindergarten for our oldest
Since the beginning of time (at least time measured in Crystal years), musicals have been my passion and favorite means of escapism.  They still remain my greatest birthday-shooting-star-blowing-dandelions-in-the-breeze wish that my daily life would magically involve synchronized dancing and harmonized singing.  I dream of singing my way to school pick-up each day, dressed in a... Read more »

Puberty and Personal Hygiene: An Embarrassing Flashback

When do kids hit puberty? Well, whenever it is, I remember it well. I was innocently sitting in the back of my parent’s car, sporting a Maggie Simpson t-shirt, when my mother let out the gasp of the century. “What is that SMELL?!” she practically screamed from the driver’s seat. I shrugged my shoulders and... Read more »

I love fractions. Fractions are easy.

The mantra of a four eyed fourth grader.  Picture a little Elizabeth sitting in a classroom reciting, “I love fractions.  Fractions are easy.” I had a wonderful 4th grade teacher, I’ll call her “Mrs. Brown”, who was lovely and patient and would sit with me during recess practicing fractions.  As I sat at my tiny... Read more »