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A Different Kind of March Madness

A Different Kind of March Madness
I have a little friend who likes to wake me up really early in the morning. Two-month-old Gertrude is the epitome of newborn baby beauty and a master of waking every 3 hours during the night. I recall the third month of sleep deprivation from my other two children to be a bit maddening; like... Read more »

Spring Forward with a New Look: Exfoliating Your Winter Self

As I shaved in the shower this morning and stared at my almost opaque skin, I realized that I need to take action when it comes to preparing myself for a terrifying term I like to call, “beach season”. I tend to look at the arrival of spring as my new year as opposed to... Read more »

Suffocate the Mania with Good Thoughts

I have honestly never been so compassionate when I say, I am DONE with winter. What is it about this winter season that is so much more cold and unbearable? The eternal optimist, I cannot linger too long in the cold, dark tundra of depression and must look ahead. What do you look forward to... Read more »