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Mommy Guilt: Play With My Kids or Play With My iPhone?

by Brandi Lee, Parenting Without A Parachute Contributor There have been a few articles and blog posts making the Facebook rounds recently, addressing the evils of the iPhone or other similar cellular devices.  Have you read them? 
I stumbled across the first one a few months ago, and the author’s words coaxed me into a... Read more »

Going Solo: Road Trips Suitable for Time Alone

I’m sick of being connected. Between emails, text messages, Facebook, Twitter, and Google +, I need a little peace and quiet from the constant conversation of the world. I have been trying to turn off my phone and log off of my social networks periodically throughout the day. After all, no one will die if... Read more »

Adoption: When your new little bundle of joy is hairy

Adoption: When your new little bundle of joy is hairy
The kids have been asking to get a kitten for months. “Mama. We love kittens. Let’s get a kitten,” they say, innocently blinking their blue eyes at me. From another room, my husband replies, “We will never get a cat. EVER.” Tears ensue and I hold my devastated children in my arms as they ask,... Read more »

We buy our friends!

*Please note: only the 118th and 138th Facebook fans and the friend who referred #118 and #138 will receive a gift. We would love to give gifts to everyone, and once we really make it big, we would love to make this a habit! 🙂