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Working Mothers: Dad is More Than Capable

My husband, Peter, stepped away from his job last year and we took an uncertain leap, launching our 7-year-old part-time business and my writing career into a full-time gig. And while I am at peace with our decision, what rocked me the most was the guilt that I wouldn’t be the primary caregiver of our... Read more »

It IS fun to dress a little boy, so there! (Mom of son sticks out tongue at naysayers)

I find it really annoying when people say, “It’s no fun to dress boys.” OR “Boy’s clothes are so boring.” Because it’s border line criminal how much fun it can be to dress your little guy. Vests and khakis, casual suits and hats! I love retailers like Tea, which tout bright colors and tops for... Read more »

A Business Meeting, Maggots, and a Puppy: A Day in the Life of a Modern Day Mom

A Business Meeting, Maggots, and a Puppy: A Day in the Life of a Modern Day Mom
The horror which ensues in this post is enough to make anyone a.) second guess being a dog owner and  b.) question their sanity in the decision to have 2 children, be pregnant and have a puppy at the same time. The events below are completely true and have not been embellished. No one was... Read more »

ChicagoNow Has a New Look! Let's Celebrate!

Tranquility Spa and Wellness, St. Charles
In celebration of our new look on ChicagoNow.com we are honoring our 118th Facebook fan, Courtney from Naperville. A lovely collection of PWAP’s favorite products have been donated by several local establishments! We treasure all of our readers and fans and appreciate every moment of your support. Don’t be sad if you missed out on... Read more »

Giving a Hand Up, Not a Hand Out

Image obtained from fiteresource.org
Inspired by a few amazing people in recent months, I am committed to writing about local and global individuals who are dedicating their lives to change the lives of others. From nonprofit organizations to super parents, a ripple effect of kindness is making a significant change to the whole world. But what can we do... Read more »

Adoption: When your new little bundle of joy is hairy

Adoption: When your new little bundle of joy is hairy
The kids have been asking to get a kitten for months. “Mama. We love kittens. Let’s get a kitten,” they say, innocently blinking their blue eyes at me. From another room, my husband replies, “We will never get a cat. EVER.” Tears ensue and I hold my devastated children in my arms as they ask,... Read more »

Are you up for a change? Stop making excuses and start now!

I get excited when people tell me they want to start something new or change something in their lives. I see change as a life-altering experience, good or bad. Over the years I have had numerous conversations with friends who have been in search of a new career. This post can apply to anyone, but... Read more »