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My Mom Taught Me Everything I Know about Being a Good Man

My Mom Taught Me Everything I Know about Being a Good Man
by Patrick O’Hara, Parenting Without A Parachute Contributor I realize we are a couple of weeks removed from Mother’s Day,  but there aren’t a lot of spots open on that day in a parenting-themed blog. This post serves as a show of my appreciation to my mom and also as her belated Mother’s Day gift.... Read more »

A Mother's Day Tribute from Parenting Without A Parachute

Elizabeth - My mother taught me to get my hands dirty, that no job was ever beneath me. She encouraged me to try new things, like liquid eyeliner. She always expected a kiss goodnight and now that I’m a mother, I see how important that last goodbye is to close out the day. I remember that I often wanted my mama and knew in her arms I was safe and loved.   My mother is brave and kind. She’s patient and thoughtful. She remembers the little things and is not afraid of getting her hands dirty. No job is beneath her. She’s cleaned everything from spilled juice to tossed cookies and she will always be my mama.
Sometimes a picture can do that which words cannot. A picture can capture a moment, explain a feeling, convey an emotion. All of the Parenting Without A Parachute writers would like to convey our gratitude to those amazing women warriors who came before us, who nurtured us and who loved us during those times when... Read more »

Celebrating Mother's Day: Forget the Gifts, Let's Hear the Stories!

I couldn’t help but share the essay I read at the Listen To Your Mother Show at The Athenaeum Theatre this past Sunday. An amazing experience which only confirms that everyone has a story to tell. I thought for sure my mundane silly story would just amuse but found many women approaching me after the show... Read more »

The Best Mother's Day Gift is the One You Give Yourself

The Best Mother's Day Gift is the One You Give Yourself
The best Mother’s Day gift is the one you give yourself. It’s not sexy. It’s not expensive. It won’t make your friends and loved ones envious. Nope, the best Mother’s Day gift is your health. Happy Mother’s Day: Spread your Legs. If the last time you went to the doctor was to take your kid... Read more »

Lessons From Your Mother

1950's Persil Ad
Advice. Who hasn’t been graced with a few words of wisdom from their mother? We can all remember cringing when our mom talked to us about sex, rolling our eyes when she dabbed toothpaste on the enormous pimple on our chin, and sighing when she tried to reason with us that leaving the house bare-legged... Read more »