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A Spineless Parent Responds to CNN.com post: "Permissive Parents: Curb Your Brats"

A Spineless Parent Responds to CNN.com post: "Permissive Parents: Curb Your Brats"
I felt compelled to respond to a post I read yesterday, “Permissive Parents: Curb Your Brats” by LZ Granderson on CNN.com, and stand up for my spineless parenting style. I started out my parenting career with a lot of opinions and what I thought was a lot of patience. As the first 2.5 years of... Read more »

Patience Takes Practice

Patience Takes Practice
I was not born with patience, although before I had kids I thought I had plenty. I felt like a natural caretaker watching other people’s children, and I often strutted around like a smug, child-friendly professional. Getting the attention of fifteen 12-year-old girls at summer camp was nothing for me. I volunteered to lead eight... Read more »

First-time Camping With the Family: A Summer Vacation I Will Never Forget

Oh my, was I excited to go on my first camping trip with my family! And sure, it might seem crazy to take a 3-year-old, 5-year-old, a 6-month-old puppy, a pregnant woman and one sane man camping, but I had a great attitude. I was prepared for sun, bugs, campfires, and insatiable pregnant cravings. I... Read more »

This too shall pass...meltdowns and temper tantrums

My almost 3-year-old daughter screams most of the day. So much, that I am surprised that the neighbors have not come by to see if the children are alright. The reasons for the screaming varies: the dog sniffing a stuffed animal or a sibling touching her favorite toy, top the list. Anne doesn’t discriminate. She... Read more »

The Perfect Valentine Dinner Destination (Or any meal for that matter!)

I worked at a tanning salon in a video store. What?
If there is one thing I love and can’t seem to get enough of is being doted upon. When we first started dating, my husband did swoon about and pamper me like a seasoned professional. Then again, we were in college where our biggest concern was getting to class on time and meeting for lunch... Read more »

Stains on my mattress (Spare me the judgment...)

Here we are tan and perfectly put together!
I completely admit this headline is gross, but our blog is all about the reality of life. And sometimes, there are stains on life and on your mattress. I like to take showers at night and when you go to bed with wet hair, it is possible to get a yellowish ring on your pillow.... Read more »

Stop your whining!

Last week, my son and daughter had a bad day at the same time.  Nothing I did or gave them or said was right, resulting in a string of tears and come backs like, “Mama, you have poo-poo on your face.” or “I hate peanut butter sandwiches!” Hostility was coming from both sides.  If you... Read more »

Oh, the horror! A lesson learned in child rearing.

After the birth of my first child, I felt certain that every moment with him would be a joyous learning experience.  His curiosity in nature made me very happy, being a nature lover myself, and I embraced this opportunity to expose him to the outdoors. Over the past year, his obsession with birds, specifically bald... Read more »

What's all the fuss about school pictures?

How important are school pictures?  To this parent, not so much.  What do I expect from my 4-year old, sitting on a hard stool under hot lights being asked to say “cheese”? I expect the hilarious, forced smile and almost painful look that we got from his 3-year old class picture.  No need to take... Read more »

Let's Reminisce About the Simple Times...

There is nothing in this world quite like that naïve planning and preparation for the arrival of our first child.  During those months (sometimes years) of self-indulgence, we dream and plan our future children, their peaceful early years filled with laughter and slobbery kisses, their precocious elementary career, drama-less junior high years and rigorous college... Read more »