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Food stamps, Oprah and the 2014 Listen To Your Mother Chicago Show

Food stamps, Oprah and the 2014 Listen To Your Mother Chicago Show
Last Friday on Valentine’s Day, I thought life couldn’t get any better. I had a weekend audition for the 2014 Listen to Your Mother Show Chicago and a Monday interview for my daughter and I at Harpo Studios for an upcoming Oprah’s Life Class. I had Valentine’s Day plans with a sweet, funny, adorable man.... Read more »

Today's lesson: Yes, I can do this

Today could’ve been awful. It could’ve been another long, cold, horrible day with more bad news in a string of long, cold, horrible bad-news-filled days. But it wasn’t. After a night filled with very little sleeping and a whole lotta neck/shoulder/upper back pain, I woke up with more pain, a lot of pain. I’ve been... Read more »

Sometimes even mom needs help

I had no idea that learning to mow the lawn would be so difficult. I couldn't even get it started. My teen jumped in and pushed me away.
I used to believe that strength and success meant never asking for help, never admitting that I couldn’t do something on my own. I spent years working so hard to maintain a facade, which I thought would ultimately lead to happiness and serenity. Statistics were never on my side, yet I was determined to have... Read more »

Divorce Healing: Weeding Out Self Doubt

Divorce Healing: Weeding Out Self Doubt
Weeds invade my garden at an alarming rate. Weeds wind around the necks of delicate flowers, choking them, strangling them. They wilt and die. I briefly mourn their loss while realizing it’s better if they are gone. I don’t have the time nor the energy for weakness right now. My gardens have always had weeds.... Read more »

Divorce: Filling the Holes

There are countless holes lining my walls now like waiting soldiers unsure of whether the war is truly over or a new battle will begin. So, they obediently wait for direction. The next move. The next step. I’m slowly removing reminders of the past, my former life, my memories of him and our failed relationship.... Read more »