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All My Heart In Seoul

I am proud to introduce Mary Choquette, my dear friend and PWAP guest columnist, who has an amazing story to tell about her time in Seoul, South Korea. Her tale will certainly bring a smile and a few tears. Enjoy! About a year and a half ago, Andrew’s career took us to Seoul.  We were... Read more »

ChicagoNow Has a New Look! Let's Celebrate!

Tranquility Spa and Wellness, St. Charles
In celebration of our new look on ChicagoNow.com we are honoring our 118th Facebook fan, Courtney from Naperville. A lovely collection of PWAP’s favorite products have been donated by several local establishments! We treasure all of our readers and fans and appreciate every moment of your support. Don’t be sad if you missed out on... Read more »

Should 5-Year-Olds Kiss Their Friends on the Lips?

It’s a little hard to define things for small children and a few subjects have been recurring lately for my almost 5-year-old. Death, marriage, and love to be specific. Death I tend to be vague about and plainly say when someone dies, they go to Heaven and live with Jesus. (Our personal family belief.) I... Read more »

We buy our friends!

*Please note: only the 118th and 138th Facebook fans and the friend who referred #118 and #138 will receive a gift. We would love to give gifts to everyone, and once we really make it big, we would love to make this a habit! 🙂

Fish out of water

Fish out of water
Last year, I dug up my roots. I packed them into a minivan full of kids, tootsie pops and faith in our future – then drove them 1300 miles to our new home. Actually, it was my fella who did most of the driving – but let’s not split hairs. The point is, I left... Read more »

A Holiday Toast

Amid the hustle and bustle of retail shopping and snow shoveling, we pause to toast 2010.  Ask yourself :  What am I grateful for?  2010 was a year of discoveries and change for our family – a year that began with profound sadness and continued for months with agonizing difficulty.  And the storm never fully... Read more »