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Life in Transition and One Mother's Difficult Decision: Parenting Without A Parachute

In one hour, I am leaving my children. Actually by the time that I am finished writing this entry and posting it, I will already be far away from them.  In another state.  In another time zone. Currently, I sit in the airport terminal, jittery with nervous excitement and a small amount of uncertainty. In... Read more »

Take a Walk in the Park this Sunday to Fight Cystic Fibrosis!

Sunday, July 17 at the Strike and Spare in Lockport
Eleven years ago I received a phone call that my sister-in-law had given birth to my very first niece. I raced from NIU in DeKalb to the Western Suburbs in joyous anticipation of meeting the new addition to our family. I had failed to ask where Suzanne (my S-I-L) had delivered and in a day... Read more »

Women as Human Shields: Domestic Violence, Osama bin Laden-Style

After reading a report by CNN.com this morning, which told of a woman being used as a human shield, I paused in the loving comfort of my home, sipped my coffee and thought: In a life of ‘conform or be killed’, what chances do these women have? How can they escape a life of extreme... Read more »

Speaking in Poetry: One Family's Evolving Celebration of Rhythm and Words

It all started with Dr. Seuss.  His rhyming stories of imagination and made-up words beckoned my children to explore the poetry and rhythm of language.  Sure, the rhyming did make my eyes cross and sometimes my ears bleed, but I do begrudgingly admit that it added an extra dose of whimsy as I read the... Read more »

One breath at a time: being the parent of a child with cystic fibrosis

Parenting. One of the hardest jobs, in my opinion, because you are driven by love and have an unspeakable bond to a tiny human being. Emotionally (and sometimes physically) attached, a parent is held responsible for equipping children with the tools they need to survive, until they can go out on their own and take... Read more »

Tomorrow is like any other day...

I realize everyone in Illinois and Wisconsin will be glued to their televisions tomorrow, but I know there exists a small population of people who will not mind if they miss a touchdown or two. As the Bears and Packers go face-to-face (or is it head-to-head?) in one of the most anticipated games in B/P... Read more »

Bears, Football And Living In A House With Three Crazed Fans When All I Really Care About Are The Snacks!

I have never been a football fan. My early memories of the sport were of my father and his friends yelling at the television, at each other and at any of us kids who accidentally lost their first tooth during the Super Bowl and wanted to proudly show it off, only to be ushered to... Read more »

I'm ready to get mad!

Yesterday’s headlines have been a good reality check/smack in the face for me. 14 Decapitated bodies found in Mexico ResortBloodbath:  Portuguese Journalist SlainNation Shocked: Congresswoman Shot in Tucson I am humbled and completely grateful for my content and abundant life.  A few days ago, I thought all day about my torn jeans.  I dropped my... Read more »

A Holiday Toast

Amid the hustle and bustle of retail shopping and snow shoveling, we pause to toast 2010.  Ask yourself :  What am I grateful for?  2010 was a year of discoveries and change for our family – a year that began with profound sadness and continued for months with agonizing difficulty.  And the storm never fully... Read more »

Memorable Moms in the Movies-A New List

How would you describe your mom?  Or, if you are a mom, how would your kids describe you?  Hollywood has an amazing knack of portraying mothers and I would like to bring to your attention a few ladies who never make the “usual” memorable mom list.  Move over Mommie Dearest, it’s time for some new... Read more »