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Storytelling Mothers: We Are Not Alone!

Storytelling Mothers: We Are Not Alone!
I am finding there are many parents out there with a daily diary to share but few storytellers willing to vocalize their unique voices and pepper their posts with a great sense of humor. As you know, I am a big believer of spreading the love, and cannot help but share with you, dear reader,... Read more »

Getting Inspired in the Midst of a Busy Life: How Do You Do It?

Every morning, promptly at 9 am, I sit down at my computer and write. Sufficiently rested from an uninterrupted night of sleep, creativity pours out of me like hot syrup on golden pancakes. As the daydreamy mist fades from my ideal working scenario, I look around at the reality of my life and confirm I... Read more »

Lessons From Your Mother

1950's Persil Ad
Advice. Who hasn’t been graced with a few words of wisdom from their mother? We can all remember cringing when our mom talked to us about sex, rolling our eyes when she dabbed toothpaste on the enormous pimple on our chin, and sighing when she tried to reason with us that leaving the house bare-legged... Read more »

Suffocate the Mania with Good Thoughts

I have honestly never been so compassionate when I say, I am DONE with winter. What is it about this winter season that is so much more cold and unbearable? The eternal optimist, I cannot linger too long in the cold, dark tundra of depression and must look ahead. What do you look forward to... Read more »

A Holiday Toast

Amid the hustle and bustle of retail shopping and snow shoveling, we pause to toast 2010.  Ask yourself :  What am I grateful for?  2010 was a year of discoveries and change for our family – a year that began with profound sadness and continued for months with agonizing difficulty.  And the storm never fully... Read more »

Male Bonding: A Four-Year-Old Bear

It is a unique experience, being the mother of a boy.  My heart leaps into my throat at least 10 times a day when my 4-year-old, Raymond, jumps off the back of the couch.   I know the names of every Thomas the Tank engine character and use Thomas lingo in everyday conversation.  I am well-versed... Read more »

I love fractions. Fractions are easy.

The mantra of a four eyed fourth grader.  Picture a little Elizabeth sitting in a classroom reciting, “I love fractions.  Fractions are easy.” I had a wonderful 4th grade teacher, I’ll call her “Mrs. Brown”, who was lovely and patient and would sit with me during recess practicing fractions.  As I sat at my tiny... Read more »