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A Peculiar Way to Know Your Kids Are Happy

It is my ultimate desire as a parent to provide an environment of peace in my home. One might think it would be the intense way my children are engaged in play that would clue me in to their contentment or the quiet way they focus on a project. But truthfully, I have complete confirmation... Read more »

Working Mothers: Dad is More Than Capable

My husband, Peter, stepped away from his job last year and we took an uncertain leap, launching our 7-year-old part-time business and my writing career into a full-time gig. And while I am at peace with our decision, what rocked me the most was the guilt that I wouldn’t be the primary caregiver of our... Read more »

From Sprout to Blossom: When Kids Grow Up

He continues to grow, despite the fact that I tell him not to. I try to swaddle him up in a blanket but his long lanky legs and bony knees stick out the end of the fabric that once tucked around his entire body. He tells me he is a big boy now; that he... Read more »

Parents You Should Know: High Fashion in the 'Burbs

There are noteworthy people all over the world and 99% of them usually never get any kind of positive recognition. Our mission at Parenting Without A Parachute is to honestly tell the story of parenthood. So why not visually tell the story? PWAP will now be featuring a photo gallery of parents you should know.... Read more »

Celebrating Mother's Day: Forget the Gifts, Let's Hear the Stories!

I couldn’t help but share the essay I read at the Listen To Your Mother Show at The Athenaeum Theatre this past Sunday. An amazing experience which only confirms that everyone has a story to tell. I thought for sure my mundane silly story would just amuse but found many women approaching me after the show... Read more »

Bottling Up the Day to Day: Beyond Lifestyle Photography

“It’s time to start letting go,” I decided a few months ago, but this time with a whole heart and not a half-assed attempt to convince myself by making a fake declaration out loud. The laundry in piles, dishes in the sink and the back yard strangely reminiscent of a junkyard, yet I had never... Read more »

Amazing Moms Need Recognition, Extravagant Gifts And Cabana Boys

All moms should be recognized, preferably with extravagant gifts and cabana boys with palm leaves fanning us on a warm summer day, right ladies? I was excited to hear Bump Club and Beyond announce the launch of their BCBesties Awards honoring everyday Chicago moms who have gone above and beyond to be a friend, resource... Read more »

It IS fun to dress a little boy, so there! (Mom of son sticks out tongue at naysayers)

I find it really annoying when people say, “It’s no fun to dress boys.” OR “Boy’s clothes are so boring.” Because it’s border line criminal how much fun it can be to dress your little guy. Vests and khakis, casual suits and hats! I love retailers like Tea, which tout bright colors and tops for... Read more »

Faux Farms

I want a faux farm. I dream of skipping about with Midwest wildflowers in one hand and feeding chickens with the other. I long to pause and reflect about life while leaning by a rusted silo or a red paint chipped barn. This song from Sesame Street’s Follow That Bird plays on repeat in the... Read more »

The Magic Wand Fails: Parenting Requires More Than Essential Oils

My coping mechanisms to help me live through an overly chaotic day include: tea, a lot of deep breathing and inhaling stress-fix concentrate from Aveda. When lavender, lavandin and clary sage disperses onto my skin and into my nose, life seems a little more manageable. One particular day proved to be uncontrollably difficult. I found... Read more »