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Five People You Should Always Avoid

As a mother, there are so many things I want to tell my children. In a perfect world, I would sit them down Ted-Mowsby-style and tell them a seemingly never-ending series of anecdotes. My children would sit patiently for hours and listen as I told uncomfortable stories from my past. I would finish my story-telling... Read more »

Labor and Delivery Take Three: Pain Meds and No Breastfeeding

Labor and Delivery Take Three: Pain Meds and No Breastfeeding
As the days creep closer and closer to the actual birth of baby #3, I realize I need to start thinking about my delivery plan and minor things like baby names. You see, the third time around, I haven’t had time to read the day-to-day updates about the progression of my baby and bask in... Read more »

Lessons From Your Mother

1950's Persil Ad
Advice. Who hasn’t been graced with a few words of wisdom from their mother? We can all remember cringing when our mom talked to us about sex, rolling our eyes when she dabbed toothpaste on the enormous pimple on our chin, and sighing when she tried to reason with us that leaving the house bare-legged... Read more »

Puberty and Personal Hygiene: An Embarrassing Flashback

When do kids hit puberty? Well, whenever it is, I remember it well. I was innocently sitting in the back of my parent’s car, sporting a Maggie Simpson t-shirt, when my mother let out the gasp of the century. “What is that SMELL?!” she practically screamed from the driver’s seat. I shrugged my shoulders and... Read more »