Five People You Should Always Avoid

As a mother, there are so many things I want to tell my children. In a perfect world, I would sit them down Ted-Mowsby-style and tell them a seemingly never-ending series of anecdotes. My children would sit patiently for hours and listen as I told uncomfortable stories from my past. I would finish my story-telling... Read more »

Divorce Healing: Weeding Out Self Doubt

Divorce Healing: Weeding Out Self Doubt
Weeds invade my garden at an alarming rate. Weeds wind around the necks of delicate flowers, choking them, strangling them. They wilt and die. I briefly mourn their loss while realizing it’s better if they are gone. I don’t have the time nor the energy for weakness right now. My gardens have always had weeds.... Read more »

A Peculiar Way to Know Your Kids Are Happy

It is my ultimate desire as a parent to provide an environment of peace in my home. One might think it would be the intense way my children are engaged in play that would clue me in to their contentment or the quiet way they focus on a project. But truthfully, I have complete confirmation... Read more »

Working Mothers: Dad is More Than Capable

My husband, Peter, stepped away from his job last year and we took an uncertain leap, launching our 7-year-old part-time business and my writing career into a full-time gig. And while I am at peace with our decision, what rocked me the most was the guilt that I wouldn’t be the primary caregiver of our... Read more »

5 Reasons This Single Mom Won't Be Going on

Ever since the ex and I split, I’ve been dreading my post-divorce profile as if it were an inevitable thing. After all, I am a 36 year old, mini-van driving, suburban-dwelling, soccer mom of three. What are my options now that bar hook-ups and morning walks-of-shame aren’t a possibility? I have no interest in... Read more »

Divorce: Filling the Holes

There are countless holes lining my walls now like waiting soldiers unsure of whether the war is truly over or a new battle will begin. So, they obediently wait for direction. The next move. The next step. I’m slowly removing reminders of the past, my former life, my memories of him and our failed relationship.... Read more »

We Decorated the Nursery the Right Way this Time!

My son helping to paint his little brother's room. We picked the color Planetarium.
My first son was born prematurely at 29 weeks. During his stay in the NICU, we bought and moved into a new house. Needless to stay, his nursery was put together quickly. I still feel like I’m working on his room. I am currently 38 weeks pregnant with our second son. We are so happy... Read more »

Moms You Should Know: Anne Sykes

Anne reading trash magazines during her weekly beauty appointment.
At 93, she’s never had a drivers license and prefers a grilled cheese from Egg Harbor for lunch. Born in Chicago and one of 9 children, Anne Sykes has always been a feisty girl. Both in humor and attitude, Anne has always had a youthful spirit about her. The original DIY’er, Anne once made a... Read more »

Not Just A River In Egypt: Postpartum Denial

Motherhood is a journey I feel like I waited for my whole life. I always wanted a sweet little babe of my own to cuddle and squeeze. Diaper changes didn’t scare me and I always found breastfeeding beautiful. Having Billy has absolutely changed my life in wonderful ways I never imagined but it has also... Read more »

From Sprout to Blossom: When Kids Grow Up

He continues to grow, despite the fact that I tell him not to. I try to swaddle him up in a blanket but his long lanky legs and bony knees stick out the end of the fabric that once tucked around his entire body. He tells me he is a big boy now; that he... Read more »