About Us

Parenting Without a Parachute is a group of quirky, resourceful and not-as-confident-as-we-appear mothers. We believe that any parenting dilemma can be solved with enough love, laughter, wine and licensed character bandages, even if the resolution takes longer than the typical 30 minute television sitcom. The purpose of our blog is to be a "go-to" guide for adults who are looking for an honest approach to parenting and life. We love our children and families, but, let's face it - life can get messy and we all need somewhere to turn for advice and support. We hope that our candid musings, observations and advice resonates with you and that you join our dialog as a member of our blogging community.

We live in an area rich with cultural experiences, opportunities for educational excursions and great places to rejuvenate
ourselves and our families.  While we explore and navigate the continually changing landscape of the Fox Valley area, we will keep our blog fresh and current with unbiased and unsolicited opinions, reviews and weekend ideas for you and your family.

Crystal is a mother of three children, who struggles with perfectionism in an often raucous and chaotic world.  Her sense of equilibrium is continually challenged by the antics of a tween daughter, two elementary-aged sons, three cats, two birds, two hamsters and a husband whom she adores (on most days).  She is a full-time mother, day-care provider, chef, chauffeur, maid, nurse, school volunteer and social secretary.  Her salary for most weeks consists of rocks, legos, and roly-polys fished out of the dryer, awkward hugs and bathroom jokes.  Crystal really needs to find another job, but the whispered, "I love you, Mama" she hears each night as she creeps from the children's bedrooms makes the job a rewarding career choice.

A wife and mother of 3 spirited children, Elizabeth is a stay-at-home working mother, managing her own small business, making her typical working hours, nights and weekends. Having made a personal transformation over the past 5 years (strangely, since she has had children...), Elizabeth is a true believer of following your heart to find your passions, not staying with one hair color or style for more than 4 months and that cooking dinner with her spouse + wine = a pretty darn good evening. Connect with Elizabeth on twitter @bethrago or shoot her an email at elizabetharago@gmail.com

Amanda is a stay at home mother of one determined, persistent,  curly-haired 2 year old. She enjoys drinking wine and watching bad TV, like old episodes of Unsolved Mysteries. She hopes to someday find a career and make some money so she and her family can retire to their own private island.

Shari is a thirty-something new mom, enjoying the challenges of raising a preemie baby. As graphic designer for a luxury travel company, she is lucky to work from home. She proudly wears the badge of a hockey wife and one day will be a hockey mom. She enjoys all things domestic and will challenge anyone to a game of Euchre. You can catch her quoting Sex and the City and Friends on a regular basis. Swimming and gardening are her favorite hobbies during the warm months in Chicago.

If you would like to contact the ladies at Parenting Without A Parachute, please email us at parentingwithoutaparachute@gmail.com