Parents You Should Know: High Fashion in the 'Burbs

There are noteworthy people all over the world and 99% of them usually never get any kind of positive recognition. Our mission at Parenting Without A Parachute is to honestly tell the story of parenthood. So why not visually tell the story? PWAP will now be featuring a photo gallery of parents you should know. Business owners, tradesmen, artists, volunteers, and several of the stay-at-home variety. Bottom line? They are all PARENTS and are significant part of making our day a little brighter.

Marlaine Smith

Wife, mother of two vivacious children, Pre-K through 5th grade tutor, and lifestyle model, Marlaine brings a sparkle to everyday life by way of her exuberant smile and her ability to give the best hugs. A former preschool teacher, Marlaine’s favorite part of working with and tutoring children is watching the excitement in their eyes when they have mastered a concept. “Their enthusiasm for life and learning is constant. Plus their laughter is contagious!”

Photos taken in and around the Western Suburbs of Chicago.

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