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Moms You Should Know: Anne Sykes

Anne reading trash magazines during her weekly beauty appointment.
At 93, she’s never had a drivers license and prefers a grilled cheese from Egg Harbor for lunch. Born in Chicago and one of 9 children, Anne Sykes has always been a feisty girl. Both in humor and attitude, Anne has always had a youthful spirit about her. The original DIY’er, Anne once made a... Read more »

Not Just A River In Egypt: Postpartum Denial

Motherhood is a journey I feel like I waited for my whole life. I always wanted a sweet little babe of my own to cuddle and squeeze. Diaper changes didn’t scare me and I always found breastfeeding beautiful. Having Billy has absolutely changed my life in wonderful ways I never imagined but it has also... Read more »

From Sprout to Blossom: When Kids Grow Up

He continues to grow, despite the fact that I tell him not to. I try to swaddle him up in a blanket but his long lanky legs and bony knees stick out the end of the fabric that once tucked around his entire body. He tells me he is a big boy now; that he... Read more »

Parents You Should Know: High Fashion in the 'Burbs

There are noteworthy people all over the world and 99% of them usually never get any kind of positive recognition. Our mission at Parenting Without A Parachute is to honestly tell the story of parenthood. So why not visually tell the story? PWAP will now be featuring a photo gallery of parents you should know.... Read more »

Teen Driving: Driver's Ed is Nothing like Kindergarten

Teen Driving: Driver's Ed is Nothing like Kindergarten
My teen is driving. Well, she is not technically driving at this moment nor has she actually driven a real motorized vehicle. However, she will be driving. Soon. She turned 15 last October, and I stopped sleeping anticipating her request: Mama, can I take Driver’s Ed? But she never asked. I never offered. I started sleeping once... Read more »