My Mom Taught Me Everything I Know about Being a Good Man

My Mom Taught Me Everything I Know about Being a Good Man

by Patrick O’Hara, Parenting Without A Parachute Contributor

I realize we are a couple of weeks removed from Mother’s Day,  but there aren’t a lot of spots open on that day in a parenting-themed blog. This post serves as a show of my appreciation to my mom and also as her belated Mother’s Day gift. Don’t judge, being a comedian doesn’t pay well … unless you use props or puppets.

For the better part of twenty years, my sister and I were raised by my mom.  My dad took off when I was in Junior High, leaving my mom to play both roles. She was a Chicago Police Officer, now retired, and she worked what seemed to be endless hours to give us everything we needed.

Still, I remember her being there all the time. She was stern when she had to be, and there with open arms, when I needed her to be. She had to deal with an obstinate teen boy and do my stinky laundry.

She always supported me even if she did not agree with certain decisions.

She taught me respect, and I learned to respect women because of the way she handled adversity.

She was there for me when my heart was broken for the first time and for every time thereafter.

She has a laugh that is infectious and a smile that assures you everything will be okay.

She sat through my first open mic only to watch me use swear words and talk about sex. She did it without even thinking twice.

In my twenties, I was stricken with cancer. Though I know it was not easy for her, she showed so much strength and helped me get through it. She was always at my bedside making sure I was as comfortable as I could be. She was a large reason why my battle was not so difficult.

My mom taught me everything I know about being a good man. She taught me the important lessons all moms should teach, but in her own voice.

I am so lucky to have my mother. She continues to amaze me and love me. I love her so much and only hope I can at least match all of the love she has given to me.

Patrick O’Hara is a Chicago born comedian who has been performing for over 2 years.  He enjoys writing his blogs, Comedy, Tragedy or Me? and The Bad Diabetic, and finds peace and a little therapy in it.  He has survived testicular cancer and that battle taught him a lot about himself and his approach to life.  He is an avid music fan and he gets along very nicely with kids.  He likes pizza and has tried the WiFi at every coffee house in Chicago and the surrounding areas. If you like to laugh, enjoy baby animals and the absurd, follow him on Twitter.

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