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Bottling Up the Day to Day: Beyond Lifestyle Photography

“It’s time to start letting go,” I decided a few months ago, but this time with a whole heart and not a half-assed attempt to convince myself by making a fake declaration out loud. The laundry in piles, dishes in the sink and the back yard strangely reminiscent of a junkyard, yet I had never... Read more »

Amazing Moms Need Recognition, Extravagant Gifts And Cabana Boys

All moms should be recognized, preferably with extravagant gifts and cabana boys with palm leaves fanning us on a warm summer day, right ladies? I was excited to hear Bump Club and Beyond announce the launch of their BCBesties Awards honoring everyday Chicago moms who have gone above and beyond to be a friend, resource... Read more »

It IS fun to dress a little boy, so there! (Mom of son sticks out tongue at naysayers)

I find it really annoying when people say, “It’s no fun to dress boys.” OR “Boy’s clothes are so boring.” Because it’s border line criminal how much fun it can be to dress your little guy. Vests and khakis, casual suits and hats! I love retailers like Tea, which tout bright colors and tops for... Read more »

Visualizing Natural Childbirth

Visualizing Natural Childbirth
Being the visual person I am, I like to always imagine how things will go, in my “happy place” before they actually happen. When I was a competitive athlete, my trainer wouldn’t let me watch other athletes we knew would complete a less than stellar performance. She knew how visual I am and understood if... Read more »