Trusting My Instincts

I am an obsessive researcher and throughout my pregnancy I have researched absolutely everything from normal pregnancy symptoms to strollers to baby led weaning ad nauseum.

Officially, I have reached my research limit. I cannot read another breastfeeding book, tummy time pamphlet or cloth diaper diagram.

So what now? What if I didn’t learn the important things that I will need to help my baby thrive?

This crazy instinct has kicked in – I probably know how to take care of my son already…and I probably knew before I spent countless hours researching it.

A little flag went up in my brain when my mom and my midwife both told me; my baby will come into the world whether I take every baby class offered in the metropolitan area or not. He will arrive and I will have a staff of nurses around to help me that first day or two. After that, it’s up to my husband and I to do what’s right for our little guy.

People have been birthing and raising children for centuries without the help of the internet, Pinterest, libraries or childbirth classes! What was I so worried about?

At this point, I am dreading spending several evenings in classes I signed up for months ago. I had such a yearn to learn, I wanted to take advantage of every opportunity I could find. Now, I’d like to spend my spare time napping while I can.

The next nine weeks I will only be counting the moments until I can meet my son. When he arrives, I will instinctually know what to do.

He will either cooperate for a natural delivery, or he won’t. He will accept my breast for feeding, or he won’t. He will enjoy being worn for walks around the lake, or he won’t. No amount of research will tell me what he will like, all I can do is trust my own mothering instincts.

Did you obsess over anything while you were pregnant? 

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