Still Keeping it a Secret? Tips on How to Hide Your Baby Bump

Still Keeping it a Secret? Tips on How to Hide Your Baby Bump
hiding da bump

About two weeks ago, my bump has popped out. I can’t comfortably wear my regular attire. Reluctantly, I have started to wear maternity clothes.

I have decided not to share the information of my pregnancy at my places of business yet. I’m trying to hide my bump as much and as long as possible.

If you feel like you don’t want to share the news yet, here are a few tips that I’ve learned that can help hide the bump longer…


  1. Stay in your regular clothes as long as possible. You will look like yourself but like you are just gaining some weight. Also, if you wardrobe doesn’t change drastically, no one will take a second look.
  2. If you can’t fit into your usual attire, try wearing your clothes that are bigger on you. Find shirts that are billowy and aren’t tight on your middle. Try riffling through your spouse’s closet for some possible items.
  3. Wear suit jackets, cardigans or shawls that hang from you. These are totally cute and trendy. They will distract from your growing middle.
  4. Scarves! I love them and wear them all the time. Tie them around your neck in a way that they hang long enough to cover your belly. They are also cute and trendy and can distract from a new maternity shirt and bumpage. Long, dangly necklaces might do the trick, too.
  5. Don’t touch your stomach. It’s so hard to do but try. If you are rubbing it in front of co-workers, they will wonder what’s up. You don’t want to bring extra attention to that area.
  6. If all else fails, do what actresses do on TV when they are trying to hide their pregnancy. Stand behind counters, sit behind a desk (always), and carry a large purse, bag or other fun items in front of your bump.

Good luck keeping your personal life personal. And even better luck when you share the exciting news!

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