I Have a Fever, and the Only Cure is More Throw Pillows

I Have a Fever, and the Only Cure is More Throw Pillows
We've only just begun......

If only the proverbial cowbell could cure my fever! I could ring it every now and again, channeling Will Ferrell in the old SNL skit. I have a real problem, and the problem is that I could spend all of my discretionary income on throw pillows. I used to care about things like the environment and social injustice. Now that I live in a tidy suburban bubble, I care about things like throw pillows. Let the people under thirty take care of those other things!

We moved into our house over a year ago, and we are still living with bare walls and sparsely furnished rooms. I believe the scientific term for this is “house poor”. Hey, living beyond your means is the American way! I may not have artwork and occasional tables, but what I lack in furnishings I make up for in throw pillows. Have a worn old couch? Cover it in throw pillows! They are a simple solution when you want to add some color and life to a room, and they are a lot cheaper than real furniture.

I could obsess over pillows online for days, dragging and dropping the pillow images onto my desktop, arranging the photos next to each other so I can see how the pillows would look together on a couch or chair. Do the colors match up but still give an eclectic look? Do these look like they could be casually strewn around a Parisian apartment?

Eventually I snap out of my chintz haze and realize that I’m going throw pillow crazy. The root of the issue is that I’m actually fabric crazy. I dream in ticking stripe and toile. I wish I could cover my whole house in fabric and wallpaper from Cabbages and Roses. They are known for their delicate prints in soft pink, raspberry, and pastel blue hues. If I indulged too much in these pricey fabrics from London, my whole house would wind up looking like a baby’s room. Or a Grandma’s room from 1987. One has to choose carefully, which is why I could comb the Internet for hours looking for pillows that have just the right shade of dusty rose.

They say the first step in overcoming an issue to admit you actually have a problem. I fully admit I have a throw pillow disorder, but I have not hit rock bottom yet. I’m not ready to give them up!

What are your decorating obsessions? Favorite design websites? Favorite place for home accessories?





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