Growing Up: I love apples, so I will become a teacher.

Growing Up: I love apples, so I will become a teacher.

Over the years I have wrestled with one main question: What do I want to be when I grow-up?  Yes, even though I am a grown-up by chronological standards, I am still eager to learn.  I am eager to become a professional something and be proud of what I do to make money.  I am proud of being a comedian, but I am also realistic. I know that it is not likely I will earn a living doing that.  It will always be something I do for fun, like a hobby.  It is time to go back to school.

I have had many jobs in my past.  I have went to broadcasting school, but chose the worst time in a difficult market so I left the business.  I am an entertainer, it is what I have always been good at.  It is how I emerge from the shadows and make new friends.  I want a job where I can be an entertainer.  I am also a fan of children.  Without invoking Whitney Houston, I think kids are brilliant in their own way. They have their own voice and just need someone outside of their environment to let them speak.

Recently one of my friends and one of the parents without a parachute, Crystal Intini Alperin, suggested elementary school teaching.  Teaching was always something I considered.  I’ve always thought it would be cool to help shape young minds and make a difference. I also think I know how to make the curriculum fun.

One of my exes is a teacher. Once in awhile, she let me help grade homework and set her classroom up for the coming semester.  I am sure for some teachers these activities have become tedious, but I had fun with it.  I am a total nerd too, so I think I can help the quiet kids come out of their shells.  A big complaint with my teachers was that I never talked.  I will make it a point that every kid participates in my class.

I know the road to becoming a teacher is long, but I am ready to face my future.  I am ready to be a grown-up without losing the part of me that is fun.  It is time for me to make a difference. It is time for me to do what I was meant to do.  It is time for me to become a teacher.

Patrick O’Hara is a Chicago born comedian who has been performing for over 2 years.  He enjoys writing his blogs, Comedy, Tragedy or Me? and The Bad Diabetic, and finds peace and a little therapy in it.  He has survived testicular cancer and that battle taught him a lot about himself and his approach to life.  He is an avid music fan and he gets along very nicely with kids.  He likes pizza and has tried the WiFi at every coffee house in Chicago and the surrounding areas. If you like to laugh, enjoy baby animals and the absurd, follow him on Twitter.

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