The Dr. Oz Detox: 24 Days Later (Moderation, Fruit and Aunt Flo)

shutterstock_7670236I always wondered what happened to people after they dabbled in a detox or had their house renovated on one of those DIY remodel shows.

Did he keep to his new healthy lifestyle?

Did she continue to pick up her dirty undies and use the enormous laundry room that was built for her?

I worked through the Dr. Oz 3-day Detox earlier this month and have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by the outpouring of support and positive comments from readers. A little over three weeks have passed by, and my body has had time to ease it’s way back from a liquid diet to chewable foods.

Sure, I ate Portillo’s ribs the day after the detox, but it was my husband’s birthday and he couldn’t eat alone, could he? And, yes, I ate cake at my daughter’s birthday party. My intent was to reboot my body, not eliminate “bad” foods from my body. I wanted a fresh start. A clean slate.

Moderation is my new mantra.

I worked on a healthy shopping article for right after the detox, which armed me with more outlets for adding nutritious options for our family pantry. While I did not move ahead with the Bon Appetite plan, due to the fact that life got busy and I got too lazy, I managed to hold off on eating most of the garbage I consumed before my rendez-vous with Dr. Oz.

I did make some interesting observations about my body post-detox:


I discovered every time I eat processed sugar, I get a raging headache. I know before the detox, I craved sugar. Like, hiding candy in my purse obsessed and claiming I was “making cookies for the kids” when I knew I would hide in the corner of the kitchen and eat raw cookie dough. I made sugar such a big deal in my routine, that after the detox, I found myself reaching for treats even when I had no taste for them. So, I am opting to replace my need for treats with fresh fruits .


My period wasn’t as crampy and my PMS not as intense. Coincidence? Maybe, we’ll have to see what happens next month…


I am still drinking the green tea and find my brain is less cloudy in the morning. I am no longer having to reboot at 2 or 3 o’clock in the afternoon by drinking a second pot of coffee.


My arthritis is painful in the winter. My hand is still swollen, but I have no pain! WIN!


My energy seems to be coming from a natural place, which I know sounds cryptic, but true. I felt like I was forcing myself to be energized everyday, and now, I feel like I can be peppy and relaxed sans an overabundance of caffeine. My anxiety is even more manageable than before.


My skin is looking quite lovely. It has an even color and my breakouts are pretty minimal as opposed to before the detox when I was pimples were popping up every other day.

So, what have I changed about my diet?

  1. I am no longer drinking coffee.
  2. I have replaced most sweets with fruit.
  3. I am drinking on average 2 of the smoothies a day, one for breakfast and one for a snack.


This part of the post-detox process has been fun! Modifying the breakfast smoothie with other healthy ingredients like:


-blackberries (you MUST try replacing the raspberries with blackberries!)



-vanilla yogurt

And that’s it. I am living life in moderation and staying away from caffeine and processed sweets. It’s made such a difference, I am going to really hang in there and make this approach to eating a habit!

How about you? There were several readers who were trying the detox at the same time, what have you noticed about your body after the detox? Have you drifted back into your old way of eating?


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