New Year - Same Me

New Year - Same Me

It’s that time of year for fad diets, gym memberships, new wardrobes and mental cleansing and this year I am proud to say I’m not taking part in any of it.

No, I’m not abstaining from change because I’m pregnant (though any of those fad diets could be very harmful to the little man growing inside me). I am choosing this year to stay the same as I was last year – blissfully happy.

I am not ashamed to admit it; I am just a darn happy person! I am proud of the life I live.

I have a super hot, adoring husband, an overly social and dangerously enthusiastic dog, a house to transform into my dream home and a wonderful little baby boy on the way. What more could I ask for?

While you’re sucking down your smoothie on the treadmill wondering, “Why did I do this to myself last year?” I want you to stop and think of ten things that made you happy last year.

I live my life based on appreciating the little things. If I wake up early enough to make toast and tea on a Saturday, I rejoice by sending a tweet about it. Start saying, “Thank you, this is awesome!” to every little thing that makes you smile.

Have you felt exceptionally beautiful in an outfit lately? Send out a photo of how great you feel!  Did you make a dinner that tasted exceptionally delicious? Tell someone about it!

Sharing what makes you feel great will only encourage the happiness of those around you. All that positive energy does things….it creates more positive energy!

I can almost guarantee you don’t look as bad as you feel. YOU can make the change in yourself to be happy because YOU hold the key to happiness!

If a smoothie and a romp on the treadmill makes you happy, then by all means continue to slurp and romp. If indulging in a bagel with cream cheese once a week is more your speed, shmear away! Find what makes your heart sing and enjoy it .

This year, I am embracing the happiness I feel everyday, and I dare you to do the same. Do something good for yourself and share it! Happiness is contagious; so let’s spread it around!

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