How I Knew I Was Pregnant: My Guardian Angel

How I Knew I Was Pregnant: My Guardian Angel

Strange as it sounds, my best friend as an eleven-year-old girl was a forty-one year old man. He was my hairdresser, my chaperone on equine-related field trips and my horseback-riding buddy.

I had plenty of young girl friends, but for whatever reason this particular man and I became inseparable.

When he was diagnosed with the cancer that would eventually take his life, he told me when he died he wanted to come back as my horse because he knew he would live the life of luxury he always wanted, and he promised to take good care of me.

The night of his passing, a large horse fly appeared in his apartment. It buzzed around the room as the chaplain prayed and the nurses began collecting his things.

A few days later, the horse fly appeared in my bedroom and followed me wherever I went.

For those who knew him, we started to joke that our friend’s message must have been lost in translation. Instead of being reincarnated as a horse, he was brought back as a horse fly.

For the last thirteen years any time something significant was about to happen, my friend would appear, in horse fly form, and buzz around me until I acknowledged him.

My close friends through college and beyond started to understand the significance of a large horse fly in the room. They would report to me, “He’s here again,” and I would smile and joke that he must be up to something.

When my husband and I decided to start TTC, the fly appeared as if on queue. Every month when it was “time”, he would buzz around our house, making the dog and cats crazy because no matter how hard they tried, this fly would not be caught.

The day it was time for me to take that important test, he appeared out of thin air and joined me in the bathroom. He buzzed and buzzed and buzzed, circling my head as if he were waiting to see the results too, though I knew he was there to tell me what they were.

I knew that day as soon as he appeared this was our month. Our prayers had been answered, our angel was there to tell us, I was pregnant.

I haven’t seen my friend the fly since that day I learned I was pregnant, and I know it’s for good reason. If I don’t see him, I know all is well. He is always watching over me and I know he will watch over our child as well.

Next time you lose someone you love, stop and think about everything you see. Maybe their message was lost in translation too and they are watching over you in a form you didn’t expect.

Do you believe in guardian angels?

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