Puppy's First Year: Destroyed by Cuteness

To say the last nine months of puppy ownership have been an adventure would be a gross understatement. Life with our whippet puppy, Rosie Run Her Up, is certainly never dull. If it weren’t for her sweet round eyes, ridiculously long nose and comically thin body, I would’ve brought her back to the breeder after our first week. We brought her home in May as a five-pound, furry ball of puppy love and she has morphed twenty-five pounds of adorable whippety-goodness.

My patience does have limits. I’m not sure how much more destruction I can take. My friends tell me that when she turns 1, she will calm down. She will suddenly turn into a dream dog, a perfect dog, the kind of dog I’ve always wanted.

I’ll believe it when I see it.

To read more about my clueless adventures with Rosie, the whippet, check out Train Your Puppy with Five Easy Steps.

Also special thanks to my ChicagoNow friend, Patrick O’Hara, who finally taught me how to post a slide show. Thank you, sir. Read his blog, Comedy, Tragedy or Me?

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