Easy Ideas For A Last-Minute Election Night Party With Kids

Election Day fun does not need to end the moment you walk away from the voting booth and proudly stick the “I voted” sticker to your shirt. Sure, you might not be attending the Obama celebration at McCormick Place or a swanky city party with fancy foods you cannot even pronounce nor figure out how to eat, but that shouldn’t stop you from celebrating the end of this election cycle with your kids and neighbors.

Host Your Own Election Night Party With Kids!

Easy Decorations:

  • Search online for quotes and speeches from your favorite candidate and print your favorite lines from them. Give the papers to the kids with a pair or two of those fancy scissors you were suckered into buying at one of those stupid scrap-booking home parties, a dozen glue sticks, several rolls of tape and a stack of colored construction paper. Have the kids cut the edges of the papers with fancy waves and squiggles, glue them onto bright sheets of construction paper and tape them all over your house for your guests to enjoy.
  • Unearth any Fourth of July decorations you have around your house and decorate with red, white and blue linens and strategically placed flags sticking out of your fall flower arrangements.

Easy Food and Drinks:

  • If you have very little time – Make a quick trip to the nearest drug store or grocery store (but only if it is closer than the drug store) and buy chips, salsa, cheesy snacks, pretzels, soda and beer. Dump leftover Halloween candy into bowls and order several pizzas. (Hey, what’s good enough for monthly poker night is good enough for your last minute election night party!)
  • If you have a little more time – Consider making a big pot of chili or walking tacos (ground beef with taco seasoning spooned into single serve bags of Fritos and topped with an assortment of lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, salsa, onions, guacamole) to serve to the masses. Both are easy to make and can sit on the stove or in the crock-pot for your guests to serve themselves and their offspring.

Easy Activities for Kids:

  • Distribute a blank map of the US with a blue crayon and a red crayon to each child. Encourage them to color each state red or blue as CNN calls the state’s election results.
  • Place stacks of blank white paper and poster board with markers, stickers and (if you are feeling like living dangerously) glitter glue. Encourage the kids to create rally signs for the candidates!

Easy Conversation Topics:

  • Ask all the adults to share their stories about the first time they voted. How old were they? How did it feel? How long did they have to wait? What prompted them to vote?

Please Note: Avoid all talk of the Electoral College. This topic will only depress, frustrate and confuse all of your guests. When the kids ask why CNN keeps showing the Electoral Map and Anderson Cooper mentions that magic 270 number for the 100th time, quickly distract the kids by offering the bucket of remaining Halloween candy. If the candy runs out before their questions, don’t disillusion them. Dodge the question instead and offer to explain something a lot simpler to understand: sex.

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