Family Game Night!

Family Game Night!
Where the Wild Things Are, Photo Courtesy of Patch Products

We’re a board game kind of family.

Enticed by competitive interaction, our family of 4 has been playing the heck out of a few board games lately spurring conversation, giggles and at least 30 minutes of fun. We prefer tournaments with out-of-the-ordinary rules and clever characters to match the madcap crew I am happy to call my offspring.

The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel from Educational Insights/Ages 3-5/$21.99

This game is suggested for ages 3-5, but we all seem to enjoy pretending to be a squirrel on our individual turns, hopping around and searching for acorns. The rules are easy to understand for small children, with the level of frustration just enough for a 4-year-old to be comfortable with her booty being stolen by her 6-year-old sibling.

Where the Wild Things Are from Patch Products/Ages 6 & up/$23.99

Well-made game pieces reflective of the beautifully illustrated children’s book, Where the Wild Things Are, my family played this board game every day for two weeks upon its arrival into our game collection. I love the unexpected rules, like everyone moving their “Max” pieces at once instead of waiting to take turns.

I have a theme for myself each year when purchasing gifts for family members and this year, the theme is GAMES. What are your favorite games to play with your kids?

Of course I am only familiar with games for children under the age of 7, so what about the older kids in my life? Any suggestions for the “adult children”?

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