Living a Microwaved Life: A Frustrated Young Wife Is Forced to Wait

Living a Microwaved Life: A Frustrated Young Wife Is Forced to Wait

Today’s post is from Jess Bedsole of Sparkles and Crafts. I met her last year at our husband’s holiday work celebration and we instantly connected. Full of classy, yet modern energy, Jess’ positive character reflects the views of a younger generation of women and wives…. Enjoy! -Elizabeth


A Microwaved Life

Allow me to explain…

My entire life, I’ve been ahead. I refer to things I have experienced as “microwaved” – you know, because when you cook, baking or roasting takes time, and when you cook things in the microwave it’s like they’re magic. They just are instantly ready to eat. Fast; nearly instant. Microwaved.

As an 11-year-old child, I competed in sports with 15 & 16 year olds, I spoke maturely enough and convincingly enough that I could participate in conversation with adults frequently at an abnormally young age.

In grade 5, the staff in my elementary school suggested I move to grade 8 math. I graduated high school in 3.5 years, college in 3 years; 6.5 years total rather than 8.

I moved into a “Director” role after 1.5 years of professional experience, 3 months later hiring my first employee, and 5 additional months later hired a second employee. While interviewing for my current position, they commented how few years of experience I had, then I explained my experienced was “microwaved” because while others with the same number of years managed one or two accounts, I managed 160. 

I’ve always dated men significantly older than I was. I got married at 23 (young for this day & age), my husband 7 years my elder. I am naturally quite mature for my age, therefore I get along best with those who are older than I am. I like to be ahead, I like to be on top. I’m naturally competitive not because I want to be the best, but I do always want to be better than average.

I am an “Activator” according to Gallup; I think (a little) and immediately DO.

Right now, I am being forced to remain the same.

I am forced to wait for our home. I am forced to wait to have our first child.

No matter how many ways I am trying to skirt around what I want to happen, right now I need to wait. I am roasting. I’m baking.

Right now I cannot microwave my way ahead. I have to just sit here, and wait it out.

There is a tiny voice inside of me right now. It’s sounds like a mosquito. In a proper mental state, I can ignore this mosquito, gracefully swatting it away, letting it waft around me without letting it effect my thoughts.

However, sometimes that mosquito gets right into my ear canal. It’s screaming buzz so loud I can’t bear it a minute longer. It screams,


And that moment is right now. I want to scream and throw things and tell the world I CAN’T WAIT ANOTHER MINUTE. 

However, I have to wait. I know I have to, and I know I can wait.

If this is a challenge, I gladly accept. I am stronger than the screaming mosquito. I will overcome this moment of weakness as I’ve overcome every other in my life. I just know that this is one of the more difficult emotional roller coasters I’ve ever experienced.

Thank you, God, for giving me strength.


About the Author… Jess Bedsole is a Graphic Designer, turned Web Designer turned Social Media Producer who has a burning passion for blogging (& over-sharing). She has a constant “Go get ‘em” attitude & is a firm believer that all things happen for a reason. Her goal is to inspire others to make better decisions or share their latest epiphanies. A dedicated do-it-yourselfer, Jess can be found blogging about newlywed life, home ownership, crafty projects & emotional meltdowns at Sparkles & Crafts

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