I'm still making baby food...

I'm still making baby food...
Fruits and veggies cooked and ready for the blender

For five month now, I’ve been making baby food for my son, Mr. C.  This weekend, I made carrots and broccoli, zucchini and broccoli, sweet potatoes, pears and apples. Here is what I spent on fresh produce:


Red apples $1.86
Sweet potatoes $0.93
Pears $1.92
Zucchini $1.40
Broccoli $1.26
Carrots $1.50
Total: $8.87

With all of these fruits and veggies, I made 44-2oz servings. That’s about $0.20 a serving. The average price for a 2oz serving is $0.50. So, I’m saving more than half the cost. It took me about three hours to prepare, cook and process the food. That includes all the swearing. I actually said, “Screw you, blender!”

44-2oz servings for the baby of the house

Since making baby food is a weekly event in my kitchen, here are a few things that I’ve learned in the past five months:

1. The blender is way easier to use than the Baby Bullet.  It holds more food and is more powerful. It’s easier to make the food with texture, since my baby is transitioning to table food. Unfortunately, my blender is harder to clean than the Baby Bullet. I’ve cruised the food processor section at Bed Bath & Beyond. But I don’t think I need one yet. Or do I?….

2. The Baby Bullet 2oz storage containers are terrible for freezing. They are hard plastic, so the food has to be almost totally defrosted to get the food out. The other containers I have are made from a softer plastic. They allow me to pinch the container so the frozen cube of food pops right out into the bowl. I still use the Baby Bullet containers, I just stick them in the fridge and use that food right away.

3.  Previously, I was using different kinds of containers to store baby food. I’ve bought about 20 more containers in the last few months. My very wise sister brought it to my attention that some of the random containers might not be BPA free. I asked my doctor about it. She said it is fine to store the food in the plastic containers but did not recommend heating any food in plastic. She said all foods should be heated in glass or ceramic bowls. I found these glass bowls at Crate & Barrel outlet. So, I still store the baby food in the 2 oz plastic containers but I defrost them and heat the food up in the glass bowls. They come with lids so I can store food for Mr. C in there, too!

All in all, the baby food making process has gotten better. I’ve really gotten the hang of it and have a routine down. There are still times that I swear at the blender or I get a pit in my stomach when I see we are down to only a few containers of food. But the sense of accomplishment is wonderful. It is also wonderful when my baby opens his mouth wide for the food I make for him.


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  • Great tips Shari! It sounds like Mr. C is getting a great variety of vegetables. Chase is still on the broccoli and carrot bandwagon. Wish he would expand his "likes" a little bit!

  • I commend you for sticking with this, Shari. I am so drawn to the Baby Bullet when I see it in the store and was glad to read a good ol' fashioned blender worked just fine. I think I might tackle this baby food making thing for baby Gertrude. Do you offer weekend workshops?! Lovely read!

  • Sure, Liz! I'll help you anytime!

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