Five Must-Have Items for Parents With Small Kids

Five Must-Have Items for Parents With Small Kids
Photo courtesy of Plum Organics

In my fantasy world, 6-year-old Raymond and 3-year-old Anne are gobbling up fresh vegetables and singing my praises as I dance around the kitchen envisioning organic nutrients stimulating their brains and making their internal organs smile.

I have tried sneaking pureed asparagus in pasta sauce and secretly dicing yellow zucchini into macaroni and cheese, but these darn kids are wise to my scheming ways and always furrow their brow, push their plate away, and politely say,

“No thanks, mama. This food tastes funny.”

“What?!” I cry out dramatically, tasting my rather brilliant concoction, (which in my opinion, tasted rather yummy).

Earlier in the year, I gave up on food scamming my children. With a heavy heart, I accepted that until they are older and more receptive to trying new foods, I would have to settle for their consumption of bananas, apples, mangoes, strawberries, and the occasional bowl of baked beans (with hot dogs).

While loading baby formula into my shopping cart at Target last month, the kids and I happened upon the baby food aisle. Standing side by side, Raymond and Anne pulled packets of Plum Organics pouch blends off the shelf, turned to me, and exclaimed:

“Mama, these are special new snacks! Can we have them?”

Staring wide-eyed at the wall of pureed food bursting with healthy vitamins and organic goodness, I realized I had an opportunity to introduce a huge variety of fruits and vegetables to my children.

So what if it is baby food? They were excited about having personal packets in the fridge which they could serve to themselves! I encouraged each of them to pick 5 packets and whichever “special” snack pouch they liked best, we would indeed get more the next time we went shopping.

They LOVED the pouches. Raymond likes the blueberry, pear and purple carrot pouch, while little Anne prefers the Just Mangos single fruit pouch.

If your child is wise to your sneaky ways, Plum Organics just launched a new kids line, Plum Kids!

In addition to the Plum Organics pouches, there are four other products that save my toosh on a daily basis…

Plastic Sandwich Bags – Need a container for a small puzzle, a temporary “purse” for a collection of mini horses, or a sleeve for preschool homework? Baggies are probably not the most environmentally friendly, but I find we use these bad boys all day!

Circo LED Night Lights – Who knew a night light would could bring such joy in the wee hours of the morning? This product is perfect in every way! It is rechargeable, portable and the amount of light that shines from the soft design is just what you need when searching for a missing blanket or a lost pacifier. Genius!

Adhesive Tape – Just as cute character band-aids magically heal boo-boos, adhesive tape fixes just about anything in my house. From book page tears to fastening high quality artwork up on our walls, tape comes in handy almost every hour.

Legos – Our love affair with Legos has started and without fail, I can throw a bin of colorful plastic blocks  on the floor resulting in at least an hour of quiet creativity.

What everyday “essentials” help you through the day?


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  • My sister live by the Plum baby food! She gives it to her almost 3 year old. She loves the portability! She give it to her daughter in the car. Awesome!

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