Date Night: Preservation Bread and Wine - The Best Dining in Geneva

Date Night: Preservation Bread and Wine - The Best Dining in Geneva

The goal during my sabbatical was to accomplish nothing. My to-do list consisted of  enjoying my family and finally having the chance to talk to my husband, Peter, about more than our lack of sleep, diaper changes and preschool meltdowns.

It had been months since we had been out on a date and bored with the usual suburban Italian cuisine and not in the mood for Sushi, I took to the internet for “suggestions”.

I was pleasantly surprised to find rave reviews about Preservation Bread and Wine in the Western Suburbs of Geneva on and called to make my reservation.

Our server was beyond fantastic. Since we were new to Preservation Bread and Wine, I naturally asked for recommendations. I was impressed as he patiently took us through the menu, pairing each dish with a glass of wine.

Peter and I each selected an item from the “Savory Bites” collection as an appetizer. I chose the Wild Mushroom Tart with goat cheese and shallots and Peter went with the Fava beans, which naturally sparked 10 minutes of inappropriate Silence of the Lambs quotes.

But the memorable moment of the night was the Short Rib Pie.

Single-handedly the best dish I have ever eaten in my life because everything about it was real. The flavors were so fresh, I could almost taste the earth in which each ingredient was grown. (in a good way, of course) The combination of nourishing elements, piping hot under the perfectly toasted and flaky crust forced me to make yummy sounds out loud!

The wine – a perfect Malbec.

And finally, dessert.

As before, our server did not cease to amaze us in his suggestions and proposed to pair our Pine Nut Tart with a chilled Espelt Garnacha (a yummy after dinner drink).

Preservation Bread and Wine has blown away the hum drum flavors of downtown Geneva dining. Of course, I am fond of the other area restaurants, but hands down, if I want an amazing dish infused with spirit and fervent flavor, I will always fly to Preservation Bread and Wine.

A few friendly suggestions:

Please do not bring your children. And before you get all snippy, remember, I have three children of my own. The intimate setting calls for individuals (aka adults) who can manage in a close and cozy setting. This is a magical place where adults can be just that for the evening – adults.

Make a reservation.

Listen to your server. The quality servers should be applauded as they each have the menu not only etched on their brains, but their suggestions candid and knowledgeable. Acting as a guide rather than an average server, this team is never pretentious, rather, excited to share their restaurant with you.

Get dessert.

I am not a professional critic, but I am a huge supporter of establishments that do it right and Preservation Bread and Wine has me daily craving the powerful punch of flavors on their menu!

Have you been to Preservation Bread and Wine? What is your favorite dish on the menu?


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  • Thanks, Liz! This sounds like a great restaurant. We will have to try it!

  • In reply to Shari:

    Please do! You need a date night!

  • fb_avatar

    I love finding little nooks like that for date nights! We haven't found any keepers like that in our neck of the woods - usually end up going to the city for eclectic fare.

  • In reply to Jess Bedsole:

    You guys are so close to the city though, so the sky is the limit! I need more date nights in my life... :)

  • The patio is nice for an alfresco lunch. I have had the asparagus salad with shaved parmesan and the wood roasted very very thin crust pizza and it was wonderful. I agree, the service is great too!

  • In reply to Laura:

    YES, Laura! I forgot all about the patio! The asparagus salad sounds just lovely and maybe I will get the pizza to-go next time! Thank you for the suggestions! -elizabeth

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