What do Stay at Home Moms do all day?

A few months after I had my son and returned to the work force, I had lunch with some of my single/childless co-workers. They asked me, “What do you do all day?” I replied laughing, “I have no idea!”

There are days you are running around like crazy and you look up and it’s 5 pm and you are still in your pajamas. What did I do all day?

This is a good sample of what a SAHMs’ day is like:  From The Stir

My days are minus one child and add about 4-6 hours of work in there somewhere. Maybe one day I can write down what I do all day.

What are your days like?


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  • That article was too funny! I could relate to it even though I only have one. Sometimes I babysit and have 4 crazy kids at one time, which is completely chaotic. Recently I cared for my sister post-op and her 16 month old very mobile baby, as well as my almost 4 year old. It was non-stop from 7am to 9pm I was running up and down stairs with plated of food, etc. all day long. After a few days the baby started waking up at 4am instead of sleeping soundly. That was pretty tough to get through since my child has been sleeping solidly for the past 2 years. I forgot what it was like to rock a baby at 4am, staring at the ceiling, barely able to stay awake!

  • In reply to Amanda:

    Mr. C got up at 4am this morning. I totally forgot what it was like, too! I'm glad I was able to get us both back to sleep!

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