This is for the Want-to-Be Parents

This is for the Want-to-Be Parents

When we were getting on the plane to come home from vacation, the flight attendant gasped when she saw my 10-month-old. She said, “I’ll take him!” I responded, “You can have him!”

Parents make jokes like this all the time: “Please take my children!”

After I made the joke, I told myself that was the first and last time I would say anything like that. I really didn’t think it was that funny. I was expected to make the joke.

Then I think about adults who desperately want children. Giuliana Rancic is a perfect example. She has publicly displayed her want for a family. After probably a large sum of money and a surrogate, she will be a mother by the end of the summer.

Most adults aren’t that lucky. There are many women struggling with infertility. According to, out of 60 million women in the childbearing years of 15-44, six million women deal with infertility and two million married couples are infertile.

Let’s not forget about the gays and lesbians who want to have a family of their own. We’ve got too many things working against them. Our government won’t let them get married. Mother Nature didn’t give them the proper parts to procreate as a couple. I can’t imagine how hard it is to find a sperm or egg donor, surrogate or go through the adoption process.

I know that we all make jokes to relieve the stress of raising children. Next time you are kidding about giving your children away, count your baby blessings and think about the people in your lives who want children but don’t have them. Think about what they struggle with. These are the people that nod and listen to your stories about spit up. They are the ones that come over at the last minute to babysit. They are the ones who visit you in the hospital after the birth of your third son. It is the person that holds the baby during the entire Christening party. They will change any diaper anywhere. They are the ones that remember all of your children’s birthdays and send a card with a five-dollar bill every year. They would raise your child in a heartbeat.


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  • Good point. It is always important to remember how lucky we are.

  • Thank for reading and for the comment!

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