Spring Cleaning: Home Office and Paperwork for Week 4 of the Simple Mom Challenge

This room has been a rotating mess since we moved into our new house last June. First it held all of our baby shower gifts, then all of the hand-me-down baby clothes from my sister, then it became my home office, then the keeper of all things paper!

For months after Mr. C was born and we were both in the hospital, we were receiving tons medical paper work. We were getting multiple EOBs, bills, medical records and just general information. It’s amazing how it builds up. Plus, I have a hockey playing husband who accumulates medical paperwork on his own!

On top of the medical paperwork, I had piles of papers from work. Piles. As a graphic designer, your projects go through multiple revisions. So, I keep a printout of every revision until the project is published. That’s alotta paper, yo!

This room needed help. I’m so thankful for Simple Mom’s Challenge to get my butt in gear!

I went through all of the paper piles. When I thought I was done, there was more. I divided everything into categories. I threw out/shredded/recycled anything that was old or irrelevant. I stored everything in a hand-me-down dresser from my grandmother. Also, I grabbed an unused bin from the baby’s room to hold future papers that would need to be filed.

Time for the desk! I cleared everything off and wiped everything down. The dust was making me sneeze! Again, I threw out/shredded/recycled anything I didn’t need. I moved the pile of brochures and magazines from work on top of the dresser for easy access. I also stacked my design books on there, too.

One stop was made at Target for an organizer. I wanted something on the wall, where I can grab things quickly but they weren’t on the desk. I enlisted my dad for help hanging it on the wall, along with my corkboard.

I really wanted to paint the room, but reality set it and it will happen another time.

Now it’s so great to sit in here and work! I feel less stress and a great sense of achievement! I’m not stepping over piles of paper to get to my desk. My elbow is not hitting a pile of books while using the mouse anymore. I really hope this room stays this clean.

Thanks Simple Mom for challenging us! It was a fun month!


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  • Looks great! Do you make house calls? :)
    Seriously, it's not easy to take on home projects when you work from home and have a baby!

  • Nice, Shari! I love the use of your grandmother's dresser! Pieces like that always make a room more cozy!

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