Reinventing Your World With Pinterest

Reinventing Your World With Pinterest

Last week, I purged my closet of everything that reminded me of my 20’s. Disintegrating sweatpants, almost cropped tops and barely there bikinis departed from my now empty closet.

I paused momentarily to think back on all the good times these clothes had experienced, when I was single and my toosh was naturally perky. The longer I reminisced, the messier the memories and my serene smile transformed into a semi-disgusted cringe.

I have stayed relatively true to my conservative look over the years, shopping my holy trinity of retailers- Banana Republic, Gap and when I am feeling more budget conscious, Old Navy.

Usually playing it safe, I had a few investment pieces I could pull out when I was feeling a bit more sassy, but after donating all but one fantastic spring jacket – my closet is BARE.

Even my hair, which I tend to change several times a year, is in a boring grow-out stage. My husband, who loves being married to a new woman every few months, asked me when I was going to start doing something different with my hair again…

Enter – Pinterest

Have you been sucked in by the pretend shopping and wishful-thinking event planning that is Pinterest? I HAVE!

The imaginative little girl in me was revived when I found Pinterest and within hours of receiving my invitation to start pinning, I had created 4 boards.

My post baby fashion board is one of my favorites, yet is anything but practical. Super high heels, $200 skirts, strapless feathered dresses…none of which would benefit from baby spit up and Play Doh permanently saturated into the fibers of each expensive frock.

As I flip through my sad wardrobe, I see one common theme. Yoga pants.

AKA – Comfort.

To be honest, I have become disinterested in my look and bored with my hair. Why? Because I am tired.

Yes, it is a pathetic excuse, but the thought of going shopping in an effort to “reinvent” myself is exhausting. Honestly, after a long day I would rather snuggle up on the couch with a pint of ice cream, my husband and a movie from Netflix.

But what if I can come up with my own wardrobe via Pinterest and see my 2012 transformation come to life from the comfort of my own home? I can sit down with a glass of wine and pin away, recreating my 30-something self like never before! And with a click of a button, I can purchase these items and have them delivered to my door step.

This picture of everyday glamor is at my fingertips, I simply need to virtually reach out and pin my vision together.

What gives you everyday glamor? Clothes? Accessories? Mom and Baby Shea Butter from L’Occitane?

Follow me on Pinterest and add your own “Reinvent Yourself 2012” inspiration board link in the comments below!

Ask yourself a few questions before you start tweaking your look:

  1. What am I trying to say with my wardrobe?
  2. When I step out of my house, do I change roles from let’s say – domestic woman to career gal? How can I integrate each look to define my character? Must I stick to one look?
  3. What visually inspires me?
  4. What is my favorite outfit of all time?

I am excited to see what inspires you!

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