Weird Belly Shapes and Labor Pains: What Do You Miss About Pregnancy?

Weird Belly Shapes and Labor Pains: What Do You Miss About Pregnancy?
This is me 2 weeks before Christmas...

The inevitable is here.

Days, maybe minutes away.

Labor is looming and I can’t say I feel 100% joyful about the pain part.

I am anticipating the sweet moment when our baby propels his/herself into the world and the doctor announces, “It’s a boy/girl!”, but have to be honest, I just want this whole pregnancy expereience to be over.

I selfishly want my body to stop painfully contorting into odd shapes and I would really love it if my organs weren’t being kicked and squashed. And while I long to never feel these sensations again, I must admit I am a little depressed at the fact of not having another baby.

This is my last child…

It is also the last time I will be able to:

  • Eat a whole turkey without judgement
  • Talk about my body in a flippant and comfortably humorous manner
  • Park in the “Expectant Mothers” parking space
  • Erupt in a rage and blame it on hormones
  • Get out of family events and house cleaning

Are you finished having children? What do you miss about pregnancy?



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  • I'm long past the child-bearing age but your post brought back the memories. I erupt in a rage on occasion and still blame it on hormones. ;-)

  • In reply to siblingless:

    Hopefully lovely memories! I will continue to blame hormones now that I know I can! :)

  • I'm so excited for you! I still blame any rages/eruptions on hormones too. I miss picking out cute maternity clothes, and using pregnancy as an excuse to eat a whole Pepperidge Farm coconut cake every now and again.

  • In reply to Amanda:

    Yum, coconut cake... I need to call you...

  • Good luck! So exciting!

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